Apple Instructs Foxconn To Reduce iPhone / iPad Part Supplies For Q4 2011?


A report published by DigiTimes indicates that Apple has instructed its major iPhone / iPad parts suppliers such as Foxconn to delay a portion of their shipments for the final quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2012. It is claimed that Apple has taken this decision in light of lower-than-expected pre-sales of iPhone 4S. All iPhone 4S parts suppliers including cases and camera lens makers have reportedly received this notification from Apple

Citing from the source:

As the global economic downturn persists, upstream component suppliers are reportedly seeing their orders from Apple dropping which should impact Foxconn Electronics’ (Hon Hai Precision Industry’s) performance in the fourth quarter, according to market watchers. Foxconn did not respond when asked for comment.

According to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report, Apple is likely to adjust downward its shipments of iPhones and iPads from related suppliers by 10-15% in the fourth quarter.

The report also indicates that several Taiwan-based component suppliers for Apple’s iOS devices are expecting a 10-20% drop in their revenues during the month of October due to this reduction of orders.


  • Anonymous


  • i don’t get it … i thought the iPhone 4s was the all new record…?? 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see and feel the iPhone 4S rush as hot as iPhone 4. I remember that we kept hearing people asking where iPhone 4 is available even a few months after it was published in Canada, iPhone 4S rush quieted down in just a week.

  • Kosmo

    And at the same time people sell iPhone 4S reservations on Craigslist?!

  • Kb

    Believe nothing from digitized and boy genius they are crap.

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  • Kraken

    That’s probably because there is still no Jailbreak for it.  If there was, sales would skyrocket through the roof.