Unlocked Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Pricing for Canada Released [u]


Apple has just sent us the pricing for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Canada.

Here are the unlocked iPhone 6 prices for models coming in gold, silver and space grey:

  • $749 (CAD) for the 16GB model
  • $859 (CAD) for the 64GB model
  • $969 (CAD) for the 128GB model
iPhone 6 Plus
  • $859 (CAD) for the 16GB model
  • $969 (CAD) for the 64GB model
  • $1079 (CAD) for the 128GB model

Update: Looks like Canadians are paying a premium compared to our American neighbours, as their pricing is as follows:

  • iPhone 6: $649/$749/$849
  • iPhone 6 Plus: $749/$849/$949

Carrier availability: Rogers, Bell, Telus, MTS and Sasktel, additional carriers and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 pre-orders for both models start Friday, September 12, with launch on September 19.

Update: The press release was incorrect, we’ve updated pricing with what was stated on Apologies for the inconvenience.


  • ChrisShield5

    Those are the American prices which are much lower for no reason at all. Canada is $749 baseline iPhone 6, $859 for 6+.

  • Joe

    the price they quoted in the US are with a 2 year contract

  • ChrisShield5

    Yeah but the US prices unlocked are as above in this article. Canadian are as I said in my comment. The 5S is only 549 now in US, but 639 in Canada.

  • jack

    i see 749 iphone 6 16 gb on my ipad

  • Daniel

    Check the apple Canadian website. They already have the pricing which is more than the prices you listed.

  • gtasscarlo

    Too bad I can’t get it since I’m on a old Rogers plan. I have to buy it outright, which I don’t plan on doing.

  • BritBloke

    Not too bad considering I paid $800 for my launch iP5 32GB back in 2012. For $50 more I can get a 5.5″ screen and 64GB storage.

  • ChrisShield5

    No you can’t the prices here are wrong.

  • The prices in the press release were incorrect (they listed CAD). I’m now seeing the changes on the website and will update. Thanks guys.

  • OliChabot

    749$ 16GB
    859$ 64GB for the iPhone 6

    859$ 16GB for iPhone 6+

  • ChrisShield5

    Quick question? Is it normal for the prices to be different? I thought they were usually the same. I’m alsmot thinking of going to Washington to get a 5S (now 549$). Even with customs I think it works a bit cheaper, and if you’re willing to go to Portland with no tax you can save like $100 (though driving will probably cost you half that in gas).

    EDIT: Nvm our dollar isn’t doing so well. 639 CAD works out to 581 US which isn’t much more than 549. Not worth the drive/customs. The 749$ CAD iPhone 6 is roughly 680 US, which isn’t THAT much higher (still higher though).

  • Wow… expensive… Wanted the iPhone 6+ and 64Gb, for 969$+tx… Wow so expensive!!!

    Will the store on the 19, will sell unlock phone or only from the online store ???

  • jack

    at what time your going to be able to pre order on Friday is my first time am going to pre order thanks

  • Kirk

    Wow apple… PRICEY… But you still got my money! *throws money at computer screen* pre-ordering for sure!

  • Richard

    Are Bell and Telus forcing an $80 plan change as well?

  • Werdner

    A price increase again…last year it was $30, now $20 more


  • Sly says we can pre-order on the 12th and do an in-store pickup. Does the pickup also apply for launch day? last year I don’t remember seeing a pre-order with in-store pickup option.

  • Widohmaker

    Look at the exchange rate.

  • JS

    Does anyone know what time on Friday the 12th Apple will accept pre-orders?

  • Griz

    What time on Friday can we order?

  • No reason at all? You think perhaps the exchange rate might have something to do with it?

  • Yeah, our Canadian dollar hasn’t done so well over the past two years. 🙁

  • xxxJDxxx

    $100-$120 more for Canada? Why?

  • Chrome262

    Think its current exchange rate?

  • Sly

    Same hours as usual…..12:00AM PST or 3:00AM EST

  • Expecting the same time as last year’s iPhone 5c, midnight/3AM EDT on Friday.

  • Samcopy

    How much will the price with contract be?

  • holly

    Will the phones be available unlocked at Apple stores on launch day?

  • itsme

    649 USD are worth 712 CAD = 62$

  • mr.stealyogirl

    yes he can, but for 60 not 50. im on the same boat britbloke, best buy product replacement plan for the win!

  • jack

    I was ready to pay for a 6 BUT…no NFC in Canada, nothing on the CA site about NFC. seriously they want us to pay 30 buck premium over exchange and no NFC, not gonna happen.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone else feel like this may be the first sign of Apple starting to stumble since losing Steve? The entire thing felt kind of insecure. Two sizes of iPhone? two sizes of watch? Forcing people to choose the bigger sized iPhone to get the OIS camera? No clear focus on a selling point for the new iPhone. The entire watch unveiling was underwhelming. I almost laughed out loud when Tim tried to sell us a knob on the side of a watch as a revolutionary new interface.

  • Delicious strange and beautiful.

  • hub2

    Chances are I’ll sit out this generation of iPhones. Wanted 4.7″: OK. Wanted more than 16 GB: have to go to second level (was hoping 32 GB would be the new entry-level). Wanted optical stabilization for camera: only available in 6+. So instead of $750 or $850, I’d be forced to jump to $950 (plus tax, of course, pushing it to $1075).

    Obviously psychology went into the pricing: If they put OIS in the 4.7″ and 32GB as the entry level storage, everyone would be like me and just get the entry-level 4.7″.

  • Maskawisewin

    NFC isn’t very useful in Canada (yet) anyway. I’ve had it on my Android phone for years now and once in awhile I’ll use it to transfer files between phones.

  • Maskawisewin

    Say you’re on a $50 plan and you upgrade to the mandatory $80 minimum. That’s $720 over 2 years plus whatever you pay for the phone upfront (typically $200 or so). So that’s $920– it depends on your provincial tax but you’re looking at about a 16 GB model in money saved. So it’s more like a payment plan than anything else. Of course since your plan is probably amazing this also shows that if you can afford the phone outright then you’re paying about the same but keeping your plan.

  • kEiThZ

    Umm. Most Canadian retailers have already enabled contactless payments. We’re ahead of the US on this.

    Far easier sell in Canada. The problem in Canada is that there’s no Google Wallet here.

  • …and the fact wireless payments are controlled by banks and carriers working closely together. It’ll be interesting to see who will embrace Apple Pay.

  • Ray

    canadian version of unlocked iphone 6/6+ model number A1586/A1524?

  • kEiThZ

    First, carriers have no input on this. Just like any other Apple service.

    Next, at least one issuer (American Express) is independent enough to work with Apple in Canada.

    The other banks haven’t demonstrated any serious interest in mobile payments in their phone apps. Why would they start now?

    Most importantly for card issuers, Apple isn’t holding on to the data that they want…. Like the argument with Google over Wallet.

    I’m an Android user and I’ll probably go iPhone for this service. Tired of waiting for Google Wallet in Canada.

  • Gow Ganda

    Yeah $950 is too much

  • Gow Ganda

    Wow…$969 is too much even for a 64Gb iPh 6+…I think I’ll just buy a laptop instead…hmmm HP or Dell laptop?

  • websnap

    Not in the least, I saw it as understanding that my wife and I may not have the same hands and wrists. Simple as that. That large phone had room for a image stabilizer mechanism and it was clear that the big selling point was the screen and the Apple pay ability out of box. The crown was a nice touch for exactly the right reason – with a screen that small, why are my fingers in the way?

    Not for everyone I guess.

  • hamza

    Will the iPhone bought from Apple store run every Sim card? and Is it compulsory to get a carrier plan if you buy an iPhone in Canada?

  • Unlocked iPhones from Apple in Canada should work around the world on GSM networks, unless there are specific versions like a CDMA version for Verizon in the USA, or a specific model for China.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Its not as if Apple JUST discovered that people have different sized hands. They have been adamant for a long time that a bigger phone wasn’t better and their screen size was adequate. Now not only have they gone back on that but the best features and battery life are ONLY in the bigger phone. Thats their big selling point? something they said for years wasn’t necessary and the competition has been doing forever. Again, very un-Steve like. Even if they did all of those things I feel like Steve would have insisted on something else to focus on as a big selling point.
    My problem with the crown wasn’t the crown itself, but that Tim tried to sell it to us as a revolutionary new interface! He compared it to the mouse for christ’ sake!!

  • Alisha

    @kirk add me on facebook alisha donald

  • Martin O

    I’m presently on Telus without a contract. I do not want to go into another contract. If I buy an Iphone 6 from the Apple store, will it work on Telus? Or do I need to buy it from Telus?

  • got2bkd

    This plan minimum information is not correct, they make you upgrade to a share everything plan – not just $80 per month. I just spent an hour on the phone with Rogers and they won’t budge. Its a shame they rope long standing customers in to much higher plans in order to get a new device to continue to use their service for the next 2 years plus a phone cost of $300+.

  • Jeff

    yes. sons of b’s. i have the fab 10 plan on bell. confirmed in store but its for every new contract not just the iphone. Its actually cheaper if you think about it, I am paying for voicemail and caller id, its actually included in Bells plan and its nationwide calling free. My wife will get the 5C (by the way start of next week Bell is putting the prices of the iPhone 5 UP) You would pay $60 for the plan and $20 for 500mb data or we would Pay $60 for 5C + $30 for 2GB then I pay $60 for iPhone 6 and share the Data on the family plan. I think thats how it works, according to the Bell Store that is. Here is how the share plan works:

  • Alex Randell

    Apple Store iPhones will definitely work on all the major Canadian carriers.

  • Alex Randell

    The specs for the Canadian iPhone on do indicate it includes NFC, just not Apple Pay yet.

  • IstvanFekete


  • websnap

    Did you know Steve? You are speaking like you did.

    The issue in the past wasn’t just that “people don’t want bigger screens” but the mixture of the quality of screens, their power draw compared to what the ended up using and balancing pocket ability and one handed use. Unlike Samsung, Moto, LG et all, Apple puts out one (now 2) models a year. My wife has already said she’s not sure she will upgrade because of the size. Samsung releases like 12 phones a year so if one is not the right size they have other things they have flung against the wall that may be for you. Because apple doesn’t create so many models, they need to be more conservative lest the loose sales on the one model for that year. Besides, the selling feature, if you haven’t noticed was ApplePay.

    The way the Crown is being used IS innovative, it hasn’t (to my knowledge) been used as a navigation tool that I know of. The idea that someone took an element that is familiar to all of us, but gave it a primary function that frees up the face but can’t accidentally activated (like a touch strip) is actually pretty great. I mean the click wheel was innovative for its use too, but it was – out of context – just a spinning dial; found on the front of most gadgets from Amps to radios fans and ovens. Look at the context – and maybe using it in person, too – before judging something you haven’t experienced.

  • nectarine

    F*** Almost the price of a new laptop ;,(

  • Andrew Nig

    I’m gonna get me an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus and buy pay as you go and some data. In two years I get to save $900.

  • Dkay

    It’s cheaper to buy it out of the states. If I pre-order it off the US site, I’m assuming it’ll be locked to T-mobile and it won’t be an unlocked phone like we get here in Canada.

  • That is unless the LTE radio has unified bands and supports CDMA, GSM and AWS networks. Need to investigate which Qualcomm modem is in the iPhone 6.

  • Dkay

    You’re forgetting 13% tax.
    I’ll use an iPhone 6 64gb as an example:
    Canada $849 + 13% = $959.37 CDN

    USA $749 Converted to Canadian is $826.46

    Difference of $132.91 CDN

  • Dkay

    says GSM when you select it on .com

  • Adey

    DAMN! LOL! That is a lot.

  • Riddlemethis

    Not by much. The CDN dollar is doing poorly. Dont forget to add the Sales tax you you pay at the border.

  • dan

    new iphones use nano cards. you can appearantly trim your old iphone micro sim card to fit and will work perfectly

  • AGoodM8

    64 GB iP6+ is $969+tax. That’s $170 more…

  • Maskawisewin

    Brutal. I’m glad I’m not with Rogers. Thanks for correcting.

  • A buffer in case our exchange rate continues to plummet? They probably want to price it a little on the safe side.

    Sure, it’s marked up a bit compared to the states, but I’m sure there are reasons. They wouldn’t just pick random numbers out of the air. It’s likely someone’s full-time job to figure out what to price their products at in each currency, taking into account projections for exchange rates over the next year.

  • artin

    Please tell me I wanna to know.
    Is $649 very expensive in canada????????

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  • Bader Tamimi

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  • Raymond

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  • Ferenc Stephenson

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  • Ahamd

    right now in 2015.07.05 .. what is the price of iphone 6 in canada ??

  • GuccizBud

    Canadian prices were higher, but not by much; back in Sep 2014 the exchange was 1.00 USD ? 1.10 CAD, making the premium Canadians were realistically paying only between $13 and $25, depending on the model, with the 128 GB model at the low end ($13).