Apple’s Map of Canada Mixes Up Cities, Makes News Headlines [PIC]


When we launched our Canadian iPhone 6 pre-order and launch guide last week, it included a delivery estimate map for Canadian cities, something the company releases annually.

Turns out, the initial release of this map included some errors, such as the following:

  • Ottawa appeared as Toronto and vice versa
  • Edmonton was placed northwest of Calgary, instead of northeast
  • St. John’s was spelled “St. Johns”
  • Quebec City labelled as ‘Quebec’
  • Vancouver should have been located further on the coast

Apple fixed the errors shortly afterwards—here’s the current version of the map:

Screenshot 2014 09 14 22 04 19

The errors resulted in the Canadian and International media having a field day at Apple’s expense. Here are some of the headlines:

  • Apple gets a failing grade for Canadian geography – Reuters
  • Apple’s Map Of Canada Is Hilariously Wrong – Huffington Post
  • Apple’s Canada map riddled with errors: Ottawa and Toronto mixed up, Quebec City is simply ‘Quebec’ – National Post
  • Apple iPhone 6 map of Canada confuses Toronto, Ottawa – The Canadian Press
  • Apple seems confused about Canadian geography – Global News
  • D’Oh, Canada! Apple’s Latest Map Mixes Up Toronto and Ottawa – The Atlantic
  • Canadians get a good laugh at Apple’s mixed-up map – The Globe and Mail
  • Apple Misplaced 2 Of Canada’s Most Important Cities On A Map – Business Insider
  • Looks like they used Apple Maps: Apple screws up Canada’s geography on website – Tech2

The comments sections of these news sites included added jabs, such as making fun of Apple Maps and how the company “should have asked Siri for help.” Apple, looks like you’re alone on this one. At least the map was fixed, eh!


  • Paul Herman

    They should have used Google maps.

  • FragilityG4

    Hahaha someone’s going to be in trouble!

  • Stephan

    For the record, Quebec City is simply “Quebec” to Quebecers (Quebequers?). Google Mapslists “Quebec” while Apple Maps labels it as “Quebec City”.

  • Tim

    In the first version, Saskatoon was also listed, but outside the coverage area and now it is in it.

  • bspence88

    Hahahaha no wonder Apple maps failed!

  • That someone you just talked about has ‘disappeared’. BTW you won our reversible USB Lightning contest–please email us.

  • FragilityG4

    That’s weird I responded to your email right away that day … I’ll send it again … Sorry about that


    Apparently when they asked Tim Cook about this he said ” he doesn’t even know what street Canada is on”