Apple Music Executive Bozoma Saint John to Leave Company


According to a new report from Axios, Apple Music and iTunes marketing executive Bozoma Saint John is planning to leave Apple. The reason for the departure is not known at this point.

Saint John currently serves as Head of Global Marketing for Apple Music. She joined Apple after the company purchased Beats Music in 2014, initially working behind the scenes to negotiate deals and bolster the Apple Music brand.

Since then, she has become a corporate ambassador of sorts for Apple Music. Saint John was featured in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen conference in November, where she talked about emigrating from Ghana to the United States as a teenager.

If Saint John departs, Apple will lose one of its very few female executives. Prior to Apple and Beats, Saint John was an executive at Pepsi.


  • Pierre

    This is terribles
    We must be diversed
    Is apple now tolerates not be diversing?
    Should not be to exclude diversing
    What else can now be happening next times?

  • McHuman

    you’re not witty, nor funny.
    So please stop trying.

  • Pierre

    La plupart du conseil ressemble exactement la meme chose.
    Ce n’est pas drole.
    Regardez le CEO de Google, Microsoft.
    Maintenant, regardez Apple.

  • Mark Ritter

    Sentiment shared by many … Well Put 🙂