Apple Music Users Complain iCloud Music Library Deletes iTunes Content



Several Apple Music users are turning on iCloud Music Library to make full use of the service. According to complaints on Apple’s support page (via The Verge), turning this feature on will delete and rename iTunes content.

Apple’s iCloud Music Library is an option in both iOS 8.4 and iTunes 12.2 and is needed for advanced Apple Music features such as offline caching and remote streaming of an uploaded iTunes library. For some users, turning on the option may not only delete local playlists but cause the songs that were in those playlists to be removed.


Syncing those changes to iTunes on your Mac can potentially wipe out content and playlists across all your devices.

Have you been experiencing any issues with iCloud Music Library and Apple Music? Let us know in the comments below.


  • BigCat

    This is a really big problem!

    It seems to be related to anybody who has ever used iTunes Match to sync content. Basically, all of your past matched content is mislabeled. If you are not giving your library a close inspection you may not realize what just happened.

    Surely, Apple must have known this would hit a lot of users. But things are different now and meeting launch deadlines seems to be the number one priority.

    Just back everything up like there is no tomorrow!

  • raslucas

    This problem happened to one or two of my albums about a year ago. Wasn’t a big deal. I use iTunes Match and I just got ?Music. I haven’t seen any issues at all.

    A possible exception is that I, like everyone should have because it’s awesome, laundered my music using iTunes match. Meaning that when I was a kid ripping my CD’s for my iPod Mini trying to fit as many songs as possible at 128 kb AAC’s. I matched all my songs, deleted them from my computer and redownloaded them. Suddenly they were 256 AAC’s!

    I wonder if that’s why I’ve avoided this problem…

  • Mr. Mac

    I never used iTunes Match but the iCloud music library messed up my phone once I turned it on on my Mac and synced my phone to my Mac (I still refuse to use iCloud backup because I don’t trust it and I would prefer that Apple completely separate iCloud music from Apple music but I want Apple music bad enough to suffer the consequences). As I said, everything was fine on my phone until Apple music arrived on iTunes. After turning on iCloud music in iTunes, most of my playlists were duplicated with a ‘1’ added to the end. When I synced to my phone, some of the duplicated playlists synced but most of them didn’t so I originally lost a lot of playlists on my phone thought they still existed on my Mac. Finally, I tried duplicating some of the playlists for a third or fourth time and suddenly they started syncing, though only the newest duplicate. So I deleted the other playlists and renamed the duplicate playlist back to its original name and that worked! Some of my smart playlists created by Apple back in the day like ’80s music’ still refuse to sync to my phone though others I made work fine, however, at one point after duplicating one of my playlists, all of the smart playlists magically came through to my phone until I renamed the duplicate playlist back to its original name and then I lost those same smartplaylists again. One of my personal playlists also wouldn’t sync until I deleted a song that was a duplicate in my library. All of this suggests a number of bugs on Apple’s part that will hopefully get fixed or else they will hopefully separate Apple music

  • biggy1000

    Yes I had used match before and stopped because it did not do a great job for me. Thankfully I have not lost any files! But my library got totally gutted with all kinds of missing tracks. I have a pretty big and well maintained library.

    I had to roll it back with time machine.

  • einsteinbqat

    And they don’t mention DRMed tracks?

  • Jesse

    Yup… It deleted my playlists on my phone but then they re-appeared. But now they’re rearranged and what not… And when I try to add music from apple music to my playlist they don’t even show up…

  • Salinger

    I noticed the duplicated playlists in iTunes, but not on my phone. I haven’t noticed, so far at least, anything missing or mislabelled in either place.

    I’m hoping there are going to be enhancements to Apple Music as time goes on. As it stands right now, I will definitely be staying with Google Play Music when my this free trial is over. There are a number of reasons but the main one is the requirement to have iTunes installed to listen on a desktop.

    With my Googe Play Music subscription (only $7.99 btw) I can log into any web browser and access my entire music collection anywhere. I listen at the office all day long. By Apple Music requiring iTunes, that’s not possible as our IT department doesn’t allow us to install software on our machines. I’m hopeful they’ll get a web client as they prepare to launch for Android.

  • websnap

    I’m in roughly the same boat as you. I have had match since launch, got Apple Music on day one and have had no issues. I have also “laundered” my music but not all of it and I am still not having this issue.

  • websnap

    I have match and none of this happened to me and I have a massive library. I don’t think it has anything to do with match. That may be just a coincidence as my niece, who does not have match, had issue with her playlists (though they sorted themselves out after a restart).

  • biggy1000

    A coincidence? That is happening to thousands of users including myself?

  • websnap

    I believe it’s happening to you – and it is as anecdotal as what happened to me – but thousands? Really? Where? The article says several right in the title.

    The coincidence I refer to is the connection to Match (as I have match and it didn’t happen to me and my niece does not have match and it happened to her).

  • BigCat

    iTunes Matched content seems to be what is getting affected for most user, but the effects are not consistent for everybody that is having issues.

    One thing that does work is to turn off Apple Music in the Cloud and restore the following file, which seems to get corrupted during the Apple Music startup process:

    “iTunes Library.itl”

  • biggy1000

    Here is just one discussion in the apple support forums;

    with 8 pages of replies.

    There are many other blogs with other equally long discussions.

    Not everyone is losing their music but there are tons of problems with music / match. I think thousands is a fair word to use.

    That is a fact.

  • raslucas

    I’m the opposite, (Yeah I get the IT dept. issue and I don’t have that problem.) I consider the fact that you can use iTunes and not have to use a website in the browser as a huge feature. Since I’m a web developer, I cannot stand having to have permanent tabs open alongside the websites I’m testing. Having a really nice native app is such a better experience for Music

  • websnap

    Lol, so you guess how many people are being effected by this (which I readily admit is an issue, my comment only said that it’s tie to Match may be a coincidence) then you punctuate it with “fact”.

    I get you are upset but ease up on the hyperbole. it’s not a fact if you are guessing how many people it’s effecting. Blowing up the issue doesn’t help to narrow the cause down so a real fix can be made..

  • biggy1000


    I guess the fact that the problem only showed up a few days ago when match / music got turned only effecting that small part of the service was just random!


  • websnap

    Again, as anecdotal as how I have Match and it did happen to me or how it did happened to my niece and she does not have match. I think it has more to do with music than it does with match, but whatever – continue the hyperbole.

  • biggy1000

    Another 17 page support discussion;

    Called has match gone haywire?

    Also the first discussion has also gotten up to 18 pages.

  • websnap

    Dude, you need to let it go. I didn’t f-up your iTunes. I just suggested – from my experience, just as you did – that maybe it would be a good idea to open up the parameters for finding a fix or solution beyond JUST match users. I didn’t say it wasn’t happening and I didn’t apologize or defend Apple for what is obviously happening (I said it had happened to my niece so it’s not like I’m an apple apologist). Looking for (or better, working on) a fix would be a much better use of your time than shaking your fist in a thread. I was just suggesting casting a wider net. That is all.

    None of this accomplishes anything, unless you are just trying to be “right” – then that’s just a sad waste of time.

    Good luck, hope it gets fixed.