Apple News Showing Up in Canada for iPad Users on iOS 10.1

Canadians don’t have the Apple News app yet, but again the unicorn app appears to be magically popping up for some users here.

The screenshots below shared by iPhone in Canada reader Jacob, show the News app on his iPad running iOS 10.1, with region set to Canada. He said it just popped up last night, to his surprise:

Apple news ipad

Apple news ipad

Last year, Apple debuted Apple News with iOS 9, but it was limited to the U.S., but this simple workaround lets anyone get access to the app. Apple News currently is supported in the UK and Australia as the only other countries, aside from the U.S.

Canadians have some consolation though, as iOS 10 offers a News widget, which curates popular stories from various local publications.

Anyone else seeing Apple News pop up on their iOS devices? This isn’t the first time you’ve told us about it lately.

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  • Victorious Secret

    My iPhone 6 running iOS 10.1.1 doesn’t show up for me in Vancouver. Odd.

  • Mark Ritter

    Strange … I have iPhone SE and iPad Air 2, both updated to 10.1.1 yesterday, and neither one is showing the News app.
    Is there a trick to make the News app to appeal?!

  • Jim LaRosse

    Just like the rest of Canadians here, I don’t have that illusive News app on my ipad or iphone.
    Maybe Jacob can shed some light on this. How did the News app showed up on his ipad? What did he do to lead to it showing?
    Are you sure your Region is set to Canada?!

  • Mike Quincy

    Sounds like Jacob had a ‘doobie’ … that’s the trick 🙂
    I love it when people say things like that, without any explanation or description of their systems.
    There’s not a single reference about the news app for Canadians, other than complaints for the lack of it.

  • Mark Ritter

    A doobie is a good explanation for it for sure. A good doobie can also cause better colors and 3D shapes from your existing iPad.

    Gary, aside from the doobie explanation, can you ask Jacob to give us more info on this, please.

  • David Humber

    Maybe Jacob forgot his iPad is set to US region. That’s worked since News came out.

  • Mike Quincy

    yup … that’s called the ‘doobie’ effect.

  • Michel Plante

    Maybe Jacob is special ????????????

  • Kael

    Same here on my iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6

  • Jake

    I am! hahaha.

  • Jake

    My Region is set to Canada. I did have a full system crash earlier in the day before I noticed the app was installed.Running 10.1 (haven’t updated to 10.1.1 yet). iPad Pro 12.9″

  • Jake

    Shared some info in the thread (this is Jacob) 🙂

  • Dude about time you showed up ????

  • Mike Quincy

    Reading that explanation of “have a full system crash”, I can tell you’re ‘special’ … in more ways than one.

  • Mark Ritter

    Best comment … I actually laughed out loud.
    Now Jake clarified things for us, we should thank him for the his insight.

  • Jake confirmed via screenshot his region is set to Canada. It was the second time we’ve heard something about this.