Apple Online Store Image Fuels Speculation of iPhone 5c with Touch ID [PIC]


After eight months of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus availability, Apple has finally introduced a Lightning dock compatible with the devices. While this was great news for those in the market for a dock, something else has captured the attention of MacRumors readers: the pink iPhone with Touch ID sitting in the dock. There isn’t such device available in Apple’s line of iPhones. Did Apple accidentally leak the iPhone 6c on its own site?


Actually, rumours of a 4-inch iPhone refresh started surfacing earlier last year — after Apple introduced the bigger screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes such move is unlikely from Apple — at least not this year.

Apple currently sells the colourful iPhone 5c, introduced in September 2013, as a lower-cost option for its hotly selling handset. If Apple does indeed plan to refresh the colourful iPhone line, it would likely feature lower-powered components, but the above image shows such a device equipped with Touch ID.

If we are to believe the rumours, Apple won’t anyway be releasing a colour lower-cost iPhone this year, therefore this image could be an error from Apple’s graphic designers.


  • Flash

    Or it simply shows that it works with a case

  • tHoj101

    Don’t be a nimrod.

  • Flash

    Uhh, ok – making a statement that an iPhone 5s with bumper case looks like picture vs speculating an updated 6c phone makes me a nimrod…riiiiight

  • OliChabot

    This definately doesn’t look like a case but really a Touch ID. Pretty sure new iPhones announced in August will have the iPhone 5S updated to support Apple Pay and made in a C case.
    iPhone 6S and 6S+ with new camera, new color, faster,etc.

  • Zeke

    It’s not a case. Pinch and zoom the picture and you’ll clearly see the power button top right like on iPhone 5c has now. I thimk it’s a leak. I also have a feeling Apple will release the 6c quietly. Just a guess.

  • hub2

    Unless the product page is actually for a case, Apple AFAIK never shows a picture of with a cased or bumpered iPhone when it’s pushing an accessory.

  • Zeke

    The picture on the U.S. Apple site has been changed. It’s now the current iPhone 5c.

  • Andrew Scott

    I install faux fingerprint scanner home buttons (multiple colours) for my customers, they are a nice upgrade for a 5 or 5C.