Apple Pay Not Expected to Arrive in Canada Anytime Soon: Analyst


Apple pay wallet

You can already use Apple Pay to make purchases in Canada — with a tweak, as you need a US credit card — but don’t expect it to officially be available anytime soon, said analyst Troy Crandall of MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier to CBC.

“Apple has given no indication as to when it will come to Canada or even if,” said analyst Troy Crandall, of MacDougall, MacDougall & MacTier. “However, it is logical that it is something they are likely working on for the future. But is Canada one of the main priorities? I would probably say no.”

Speculating on what Apple’s next move would be, the analyst says a Chinese Apple Pay launch is more likely than others, which is interesting since Canada is better suited for this type of mobile payment system. As Brian Jackson, editor of ITBusiness pointed out, the country already has the tap-to-pay terminals installed across the country, and customers are already using them.

When asked, the Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on Apple’s future plans for Canada.

Contacted by CBC News, a spokeswoman for Apple would not say when or if there were any plans for offering the system into Canada. She referred to the speech Cook gave on Oct. 14, which made no mention of any plans for Canada.

Actually, Crandall’s forecast is — kind of — in line with what TD Bank CIO predicted: a Canadian launch is at least a year away. Jackson highlights possible obstacles set by Canadian banks, as they are after mobile payments as well.

What they seem to forget is the customer experience, and this is where the new mobile payment platform excels: using Apple Pay is easy and fun.


  • Spiridus

    *sigh* just like how we’re still waiting for iTunes Radio

  • Crosseyedmofo

    this makes my fucking blood boil

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I hope it arrives earlier than a year. I am excited about the service. We may have to wait for iOS 9 and if Apple introduce an Apple Pay developer kit. Apple may still want a piece of each transaction and the banks and PayPal (?) may still balk at that. However, if Apple does show that its Apple Pay is secure and it is indeed the owner of the card making the transaction then the banks may jump on board because it might lower the bank’s insurance costs (with regard to fraud and identity theft). The banks are going to want something in return for Apple to get a piece of the transaction fees. Greed is dominant in the Banking Industry.

  • talkiewalkie

    This is one of the main reasons I didn’t get the iPhone 6. I feel bad for the many Canadians that bought a phone with one of the biggest features….they cannot use.

  • Al

    Banks are regulated to a higher standard than, say, anything related to the CRTC. So, to bring the same sort of skepticism to this is likely unfounded. Banks don’t get a say at this level.

  • Rio

    Apple Pay the biggest feature? :S

    What about the size increase, better screen and camera? lol

  • Tom

    I think this is a good idea…

  • Chrome262

    NFC and wallet are on Android devices, this effects them as well.

  • Chrome262

    Other banks are trying to push for NFC anyway, so this reporter probably has no real clue. and the credit cards are setup already for their NFC anyway. This isn’t really a major set up, the only obsticle is interact they have a monopoly and they could try some crap. They already did with Visa debt cards at CIBC, hens why they don’t have Paypass or interact flash.

  • slyrobber

    I for one blame the sycophants and leeches in Toronto based Apple Canada. Any company in Canada that has its head office in Ontario has a bunch of useless self serving pandering incompetent twits occupying space and hiding behind a desk collecting their pay. The banks? Don’t even get me started on that.
    Ah that felt good!!! How long now?