Apple Pay Canada Retail List Updated: Canadian Tire, Pizza Hut and More


How’s life with Apple Pay so far? Apple has updated their list of stores ready to accept the mobile wallet, now adding the following:

  • Apple Stores
  • Canadian Tire
  • London Drugs
  • Mark’s (Work Warehouse)
  • Pizza Hut

While many have already tried Apple Pay at the stores below, but officially they are now listed as ready for Apple Pay by Apple. From our tests, some McDonald’s locations do not accept American Express, as it can depend on the franchisee.
Screenshot 2015 12 22 09 37 21

As for the ‘Coming soon’ list, Apple has added:

  • Etsy
  • Zara
  • Zulily

Some of these stores may already work with Apple Pay, as many of you have tested it out already (Domino’s), while the TTC’s latest Presto self-serve machines accept Apple Pay as well.
Screenshot 2015 12 22 09 37 50

Some stores have not trained employees on what Apple Pay is, so it can lead to confusion when you mention it at checkout. In this case, it’s easier to just say you’re paying with Amex, then quickly whip your iPhone 6/6s or Apple Watch near the POS terminal, like a ninja.

American Express Canada recently stated Apple Pay had “exceeded” their expectations, but did not disclose any numbers, only to mention their debut was not an exclusive deal with the iPhone maker. No Canadian bank has signed on with Apple Pay, yet.


  • Steve

    “Some stores have not trained employees on what Apple Pay is, so it can lead to confusion when you mention it at checkout. ” But we the customers have not been trained by anyone on what Apple Pay is, how come we have no problem?

  • Mr Dog

    Because we read tech blogs and have Apple devices not everyone is alike. Are you the master of everything in the world?

    They may not know about Apple Pay but they likely have more background on a subject you are lacking as well.

  • KIII

    Are you saying that none of the managers or executives at any of these mentioned companies do not own an iPhone or iPad?

  • Mr Dog

    No, I am saying they have no idea what is Apple Pay nor any interest in that stuff.

    My dad has an iPhone 6 & iPad mini but his interest are not mobile tech gearded, hence he did not hear or no about Apple Pay until I showed it to him.

    Like wise there are likely plenty of employees who are interested in other things than to go find out about and how to use apple pay.

  • Eddie Rozentul

    I used apple pay recently at Mucho Burrito in downtown Vancouver. Works like a charm.

  • sukisszoze

    Tried using at PetroCan, it doesn’t work or may be just that gas station. It has the newer stall where it asks you to insert your card to read the chip..hmm..

  • Corrode

    I use it a fair bit but am really looking forward to adding my debit card to Apple Pay. My regulars: Shopper’s Drug Mart, 7-Eleven, Co-op, and one time via the Starbucks app.

    One of the coolest parts that no one mentions is, once you’ve successfully added a card to Apple Pay, every time you use it online, via chip, or anything else…it sends you an instant push notification for that amount that has been charged. I used to have to wait 2-3 days for my online cc statement to update but now it’s instant!

  • hylowyoh

    I can confirm ApplePay works at Winners. Used it yesterday. Interestingly I still had to sign a slip at Chapters using ApplePay.

  • Jonathan

    I’m confused by why the staff need to know you are paying with Apple Pay, since basically Apple Pay is using Tap with your current setup card can you not just say you are paying via Credit Card or Debit (when it comes available?)
    I’ve seen the signs at McDonalds saying Pay with Apple Pay, but can’t you just say right now you are paying with a Credit Card?

  • Yes, that’s what we said to say in the article. For some reason, when some staff hear the words “Apple Pay” their eyes glaze over or they freeze up.

  • Steve

    I’m saying we “train” pets and robots, not humans. Unlike pets or robots, employees should not need extra efforts and inputs to understand the world around them. Processing payments is their job. If they don’t sense the changes in the industry, they might as well be replaced by hard coded machines, and become unqualified when new tech comes out. They are humans cashiers. It should be part of their job to stay on top of the technologies that are related to what they do. Or what difference does it make between them and say self checkout machines? You “train” them by installing a new software, and next time they’ll realize an Aha moment – Apple Pay! I know about that now!

  • Yup, the instant push notifications are one of my favourite features as well. Especially since they are sent for every transaction, not just transactions where Apple Pay was used. I thought that was a feature of the AMEX app, but I tried setting it up on my wife’s phone (who doesn’t yet have Apple Pay set up) and it didn’t seem to work.

  • Sly C

    Pretty sure that’s just a feature of the new AMEX app. I get those notifications regardless if I use ? pay or the physical card which is an amazing feature.

  • It doesn’t work for any pay-at-the-pump options that I’ve tried. It does work inside the store on their newer terminals. I don’t think they should be allowed to advertise that they accept Apple Pay if it doesn’t work at the pumps though.

  • I have had to sign when I’ve used it at Save-On Foods. It’s quite ironic, since the signature means nothing, and on top of that I’m using the most secure form of credit card payment. I don’t need to sign when I punch in my PIN (which I could have easily stolen) but I do when I authenticate with my fingerprint? I think it’s probably a weird setting on their systems that was set up for AMEX tap.

  • Why is Staples on both lists?

  • hylowyoh

    First world problems eh? lol

  • Not sure, was there before too

  • Corrode

    The push notifications come from
    Wallet, not the Amex app. Have had the app for over a year and didn’t get push notifications until Apple Pay.

  • Sly C

    Cool. Good to know.

  • johnnygoodface

    I don’t know either, but I confirm that Staples is Apple Pay now too…

  • Corrode

    Agreed. Doesn’t needing to go into the store defeat the convenience aspect of it?

  • Corrode

    I was able to use Apple Pay at Long and McQuade this past weekend. They said it probably wouldn’t work for a payment over $50 but my cost was $53 and it worked fine! Always a nice surprise when it works somewhere unexpected.

  • iPedro1000

    McDonald’s should not be a named ApplePay partner. I haven’t found a single location that accepts it.

    Shoppers Drugmart on the other hand isn’t a named partner and I’ve found it to be realiably and widely accepted everywhere.

  • iPedro1000

    I’ve made purchases as high as $1,600 with ApplePay. It works up to your AMEX limit.

  • iPedro1000

    Ironically, when I say that I’d like to pay with ApplePay, more often than not, it doesn’t work. When I just say “credit” it works.