Apple Pay Expands in Canada: Vancity Credit Union and More


Apple Pay has expanded one again in Canada, this time reaching more credit unions, such as Vancity in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia for Interac debit cards.

Other additions include Assiniboine Credit Union, Cambrian Credit Union Limited and Steinbach Credit Union in Manitoba.

Cambrian credit union apple pay

Cambrian Credit Union has the Apple Pay announcement on their website, while the others haven’t acknowledged the launch officially yet online, despite the iPhone maker’s listing of these credit unions on the web.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Glenn, he was able to verify and add his Vancity Credit Union to Apple Pay, despite being told by their call centre this was a soft launch for employees.

Just under two weeks ago, Apple Pay similarly expanded in Canada to reach Island Savings and Valley First Credit Unions.

Let us know if you’re able to add your debit card to Apple Pay from one of these credit unions.

With Apple Pay readily available from Canada’s big banks and most major credit card issuers, Canadians are probably more interested in the day when Apple Pay Cash will make its way here.

[via 9to5Mac]


  • Tony

    Hurry up and bring Apple Pay cash.

  • Biggy604

    My credit union still has not adopted Apple Pay.

  • Riley Freeman

    apple pay cash. let’s go apple this taking too long

  • brararsh

    Costco Mastercard please

  • Hosaka

    Nice! It’s about time! Added my Vancity debit card to my iPhone and Apple Watch with no problems.

  • Truth Teller

    Going to need all the cash you can get when those Albertards turn off the taps.

  • Olivier

    Still waiting Costco to jump in the bandwagon…

  • George Carson

    I was able to successfully add Apple Pay for my debit card from Island Savings on day 1, after getting a new updated debit card. Now bring on Apple Pay Cash…… !!!!

  • Many99

    Is there any information if Apple Pay cash will eventually come. We still don’t have Apple news,

  • NOHoldsBar

    I still prefer paying with my credit cards.

  • Rick

    Added my Vancity visa card too!

  • raslucas

    Not the place

  • BeaveVillage

    So when are they going to support CUETS Mastercard?

    Also I tried to add my Debit Card but it asked for an expiry date. There is no expiry date on my debit card.

  • Salinger

    …and still no Capital One despite them being a launch partner in the US.

  • Larry

    Added VanCity debit card. Sunshine Coast Credit Union still a no go.