Apple Reportedly Increasing iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library Song Limit



It appears as though Apple has quietly started increasing the song limit for iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library.

Previously, the song limit was capped at 25,000 and various people are reporting that they are now able to add tracks past that limit. So far, Apple has not released any official comment on the matter.

Both songs that you have ripped from CDs, along with those that you’ve added from Apple Music, count against your iTunes Match limit, so this increase is welcome. Earlier this year, it was reported that the limit would be increased to 100,000 songs by the end of 2015.

Have you noticed an increase in the song limit on iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Kirk McElhearn]


  • OpenYourEyes

    I did notice some changes on Friday night. Suddenly, the songs I couldn’t add to my iCloud Music Library previously due to exceeding the song limit showed up on my iPhone. Since then, I’ve jumped onto my computer and verified that iTunes has uploaded/matched all of them. Also, notably, any newly added songs only show as ‘Matched’ or ‘Uploaded’, not as ‘Apple Music’. I am in the process now of removing/re-adding any that were incorrectly added as ‘Apple Music’

  • Crosseyedmofo

    all of the songs ON my phone were removed, made for a great subway ride

    honestly why cant apple allow match AND on phone library to coexist less stupid?