Apple Requests Retrial of Patent Case, Seeks Samsung Sales Ban and More Damages



In the latest patent trial between Apple and Samsung the court awarded Apple $119.6 million in damages, but the Cupertino-based company seems dissatisfied with this month’s verdict.

Yesterday Apple filed documents in court requesting a complete damages retrial. Apple’s lawyers are seeking a retrial regarding all monetary damages for all five patents. The company is looking for a final reward closer to its originally requested $2.2 billion.

iPhone5S_GalaxyS5In addition, Apple filed documents in court to seek a permanent injunction against some of Samsung’s older phone models, including the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and more. Last month a jury determined that these devices infringe on a couple of Apple’s software patents.

Samsung’s newer devices were not included in the most recent lawsuit, however the retrial could include newer phones and tablets, like the Galaxy S4 and S5.

Judge Koh is hardly going to order a new trial for those reasons. She may make some minor adjustments to the verdict, and then she’ll let the parties appeal the unfavourable parts of the ruling to the Federal Circuit. Thereafter, there may be a retrial — but in the meantime the parties will probably settle because this litigation has become a waste of resources.

Do you agree with Apple’s decision to ask for a retrial in this never-ending patent case? Let us know in the comments below.

If you need some reading material this weekend, FOSS Patents has posted documents containing Apple’s legal arguments.

[via FOSS Patents]


  • Joseph

    No I don’t agree at all with these trials. Unbelievable how Apples panties are all in a bunch because they finally have stiff competition. Grow a pair Apple, at least a shriveled pair of dried prunes anyways.

  • gerry

    Just take the money and shut up (Apple). Least they got some cash out of it.

  • Patrick

    The creators of the Jetsons and Star Trek should sue Apple and every other telecommunications company.

  • Jake

    Apple wanted to dominate the market but they know that the Samsung Galaxy is a better product than what they have that’s why they are worried and want money to compensate their lost of market share. They should concentrate on making something different and better if they think that they are special.
    I said before that Steve Jobbs is dead and so will be this product. I never owned an Apple product and I never will because if they don’t want to be compatable it’s just like people of a Cult just looking for Idiots to follow them.
    I see Apple as a Cult with their nose in the sky.

  • vick

    I personally not a fan of apple.Apple just not confident with their products that’s why I think instead of upgrading their Gizmos the focus turned to be on Samsung.quick cash..