Apple Responds To Lawsuits Against Siri’s Performance


In response to lawsuits filed last month against Siri, alleging that the intelligent personal assistant software introduced in iPhone 4S doesn’t perform as advertised, Apple has today filed a motion to dismiss the cases, reports Wall Street Journal. Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, defending Apple against these claims, said in a recent court filing that Siri is currently in Beta and may not be perfect, something the company has already been upfront about but nonetheless, the technology is still “cutting edge”. Apple is also working to get the class-action lawsuit dismissed by claiming customers could return the iPhone within 30 days of purchase if  they are unhappy with Siri.

From Apple’s motion to dismiss:

They offer only general descriptions of Apple’s advertisements, incomplete summaries of Apple’s website materials, and vague descriptions of their alleged—and highly individualized—disappointment with Siri. Tellingly, although Plaintiffs claim they became dissatisfied with Siri’s performance “soon after” purchasing their iPhones, they made no attempt to avail themselves of Apple’s 30-day return policy or one-year warranty—which remains in effect. Instead, they seek to take an alleged personal grievance about the purported performance of a popular product and turn it into a nationwide class action under California’s consumer protection statutes. The Complaint does not come close to meeting the heavy burden necessary to sustain such claims.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


  • Hollanights

    Funny thing is, if you try and return it to the carrier company you bought it from ( say Rogers at a Best Buy ) and it’s over a certain amount of hours of use, you are SOL! They will not take it back. And when your not in an area that has an apple store, SOL X 2!

    So this 30 day money back thing is sort of in the “grey” area.

  • FragilityG4

    The thing is you know if you like a phone within the first week/30mins of talk time … So the thirty days (only from the Apple Store) is a real big grace period.

  • Margaret Doering

    Im still waiting for Siri to be more compatible in CANADA, so I can actually use it!! It won’t pull up ph numbers or maps etc for here 🙁

  • MrXax

    Not necessarily. If you make a 30-minute phone call after you step out of the store, you’re SOL.

  • FragilityG4

    True but who’s fault is that? If I were unsure of a phone I certainly would not be making an extended call within my grace period … I would stick to short calls to figure out if I liked it or not … But then again I only buy phones I know I’ll be happy with 😉

  • Ex

    The 30-minute limit only applies to contract based iPhones. If you buy an iPhone unlocked from Apple, it’s their standard store return policy. No minute limit.

  • Some Won

    LOL, you fan boys are brutal.  You can’t really get a handle on whether a phone meets expectations until you have had a chance to use it, particularly with SIRI which has virtually no instructions as it is apparently intuitive. So… you play around with word combinations trying to get things to work, you try and use the direction based functions in Canada, but it doesn’t work, hmmm.  You try and set location based reminders but they don’t work, hmmm.  You figure after watching the Apple commercials you must be doing something wrong, because why would Apple show something working when it doesn’t.  So you screw around with different combinations, google online to find out how to make it work. But in the end you find that SIRI essentially is useless in Canada, but wait, it is all good, in 2 months it is seriously rumoured to be supported in Canada, so you wait.  But 8 months later still nothing.  
    Yeah, sure 30 days is over kill and you just knew out of the box that the phone was perfect, LOL
    SIRI in Canada is essentially useless, SIRI in the U.S. is just a hyped up market gimic.   
    Apple deserves a major smack down for the launch in Canada due to the cross country advertising on TV which was a blatant lie.

  • FragilityG4

    Judging by your vivid story it would appear you are the brutal “won” who failed to read many disclaimers stating that some functions of Siri might not be avialable in Canada and are now just mad and venting.

    I’m sure you’ve moved onto Samsung who will soon be releasing their Siri knock off which will most likely have the same limitations and you will also ignore the disclaimers and “wonce” again be very angry.

  • Anon

     When you re-flash the firmware, it resets all the minutes to 0 🙂