Apple Store Opening in Waterloo, RIM’s Backyard Plus Burlington at Mapleview Centre


Update 1 (March 8th): Here’s another picture of the upcoming Apple Store in Mapleview, thanks to @jonmanna:

Looks like Apple is setting up shop in RIM’s backyard in Waterloo, Ontario. An Apple Store is under construction at Conestoga Mall.

There’s been no official confirmation but Apple job postings have revealed the location. What makes this store unique is that it’s not based in a busy urban centre, which has been typical of the other locations across Canada.


There’s also mall being planned at Mapleview Centre in Burlington, according to Apple’s same job postings. Take a look at this image below. Southwestern Ontario is getting two Apple Stores!



Thanks Ray for the heads up!


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  • Anonymous

    An Apple Store in Burlington? Frakkin’ finally!!! I may never go to Square One again. Hallelujah!!

  • Zirak

    Now they just need one in Brampton…

  • JformK

    How about Kingston! sure there are only a quarter of a million people to serve in the Eastern Lake Ontario / St. Lawrence area but even an Apple Closetâ„¢ instead of a full store would be helpful. 2-3 hour drives to visit Apple wastes an entire day and a tank of gas (or two). Yes prairie people we know you walk to school up hill both ways.. yadda yadda 😛 lol

  • SF


  • randomrazr

    its about time

    the only apple stores are in toronto, way to fucking far thats for sure!

  • Sparky

    I know! Kingston would be sweet. We need one stat. They could call mini stores, iStores! Copyright by myself.

  • Dlee

    I am within walking distance to the mall 😀 Will be awesome to have it right next door for me.

  • Zac

    I heard Bramelea city center was recently a proposed site for an Apple Store, not sure if it went through or not. (with their new expansion, they have a few spots where they could put it in)

  • sandy

    Oh hooray for Waterloo!! Finally, an Apple store within 20 minutes of my house!

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  • JH

    Waterloo may not be an urban centre, but it is one of the largest, if not the largest, hubs for technology in Canada. That’s why they rolled out Chip technology in the Kitchener-Waterloo area before any place in Canada.

    I actually made day trips going from Waterloo to Toronto just to visit an Apple Store (needed the Genius Bar). I’ve since moved to Calgary, where they have two (maybe three, are they building one beside Holt Renfrew in The Core / Eaton Centre?) so I’m not to far from one anyway, but if I do go back to KW, it’ll be a nice addition.

  • OSHAWA CENTER PLEASE! C’mon Apple, us people on the east side of the city hate having to drive into the city to get to an Apple store.

    Lots of money/customers out this way…. 😉

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