Apple Store to Open at Stollery’s at Yonge and Bloor in Toronto? [Update]


Update 1: The Grid contacted Stollery’s and their manager Deborah Scott had this to say (thanks Francois):

“I think that’s an interesting rumour and I’d like to know who started it,” she said. “But it’s not true—we’re definitely in business, we have staff here, we’re still buying and we’re not moving anytime soon.”

According to tip received by UrbanToronto from a ‘reliable’ real estate source, Apple has purchased the Stollery’s store at Yonge and Bloor streets in Toronto, which could possibly be the location of a flagship store in the heart of downtown. A previous rumour had noted Apple had planned to occupy the bottom two floors of a skyscraper across the street but that was delayed due to financial concerns, notes MacRumors.

The images below show the location of Stollery’s and the latter location:

Stollery’s is an iconic store that opened in 1901 by Frank Stollery that carries numerous British and European fashion wear for men and women. In 1968 it was renovated and expanded to from 1500 square feet to its current day size of 30,000 square feet spanning four levels.

Anyone else hearing whispers about this possible location for an Apple Store? Other recent Canadian Apple Store news includes the recent confirmation of an upcoming store in Coquitlam Centre.

[UrbanToronto via MacRumors]


  • Anonymous

    It be a nice location for one 

  • Canadan

    I can only hope they use this space, it’s a perfect location and would allow Apple to build a massive iconic store in the heart of Canada’s prime upscale retail area. Walking distance for me, paradise!

  • Anonymous

    Bye bye old men. Hello Expensive Internet Cafe.

  • Anthony

    Sweet… I work 5 mins away!

  • Third

    Toronto already has (at least) 3 Apple stores. I guess they don’t want to sell their product to people in northern ontario

  • Anonymous

    That would be a waste.
    They have one at Yonge & Dundas in the Eaton Centre. Why have another one 5mins down the road?

    Unless they close Eaton Centre. Which would be a blow to the mall. But a bigger location would be better for Apple Canada.

    But to me I don’t see this happening.

  • Arejaysee

    Would they advertise on Page 2 of the “Globe and Mail” just as Stollery’s has since the Stone Age?

  • Anonymous

    The Apple Store at the Eaton Centre is a zoo. Downtown could certainly supply another location, and Yonge and Bloor would be a great spot with all the other high-end stores nearby.

  • SheldonK

    I heard that once Stollery’s closed that building would be demolished. It may be iconic but that family has hung on too long to a store that is the embarrassment of Yorkville. Very valuable real estate

  • Canadan

    I say they should totally open one up in Sudbury, a store in that city would totally serve many communities in the area. I’m sure we’ll see smaller cities getting Apple stores soon.

  • Anonymous

    And they’re all always packed. An Apple Store is like a subway. If you don’t have the foot traffic to keep it busy all the time, you’re not getting one.

  • Dizzleskill

    i heard its opening at front and john right across from the cbc building they have giant ipad2 signs there too….

  • Marsdust

    Why is it an embarrassment?  And the ugly condos aren’t?

  • Jae Macmillan

    Site of the new Apple Condo!