Apple to Hold April Media Event for iOS 5 and MobileMe?


At the iPad 2 event, we didn’t hear anything from Apple about iOS 5. We have heard rumours about MobileMe’s upcoming revamp, that surely will take advantage of Apple’s $1 billion dollar data centre in North Carolina.

The latest rumour comes from German blog, which states that Apple will be previewing iOS 5 and MobileMe at their Cupertino headquarters in April, with invitations will be sent out in early in the month.

The last iOS preview took place on April 8th, 2010, with invites being sent out on the 5th. If history is to repeat itself, there’s a good chance Apple will be sticking to their timeline. The preview in early April is the perfect lead up to WWDC in June, when the iPhone 5 is reported to be released. Developers will get a chance to implement any new APIs and features Apple will introduce in iOS 5.

What do you want on your iOS 5 wishlist? I want a revamped notifications system, like everybody else.

[ via MacStories]


  • bill

    “…Cupertino headquarters in early April. Invitations will be sent out the second week of April.” is it just me or does this timeframe not make any sense…

  • Szarky

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Sesquipedal

    Hopefully by “second week in April” he meant “second week in March”, which would be about now.

  • John367

    I want the spotlight search to show the folder names for app searches.

  • it said the event is the 8th with invites sent out on the 5th, so either they are already out, or three days before the event. I just want the air stuff (play and print) to work with any device. sure i have air print activator so it does work on any printer, but it would be nice to be able to send content to anything other than the apple tv.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see this update be all about customization and widgets. More options for homescreen layouts, maybe customized dialers and keyboards, colors, etc. Things we KNOW the iphone can do with a jailbreak. A widget system that allowed you to set up custom widgets that occupied 1-4 icon slots on one of your homescreens would also be great. This is one of the main things people complain about before switching to android.

    As well as a new notification system ; )