Apple Trumps Google Again, Becomes Top Consumer Brand In Japan


According to a brand evaluation survey from Nikkei BP Consulting, Apple is now the highest rated consumer brand out of over 1,000 different brands (via 9to5Mac), up from 11th place during the last year. This is the first time Apple has ranked No.1 in Japan, snatching the top spot from Google. The report suggests that the iPad and “two other key products” led Apple to the top of the brands list.

The top 10 brands on the list are below (brackets represent last year’s rank):

1. (11) Apple

2. (1) Google

3. (2) Uniqlo

4. (7) YouTube

5. (6) Disney

6. (4) McDonalds

7. (3) Panasonic

8. (5) Nissan

9. (39) Dyson

10. (9) Rakuten

According to the source, a similar survey of the business market resulted in Apple coming in second behind Toyota Motor Corp.


  • Londonfish

    I need Japanese input which is one of the 30+ languages installed already so I was able to test it before I bought my iPhone. Whereas Android phones in NAmerica need to install after purchase. How would which Japanese language pack is available and will work ?? So picked iPhone at the end. Android isn’t friendly enough in this sense.