Apple TV 5.0.2 Firmware Update Released


Apple has released a firmware update for second and third generation Apple TV units. Version 5.0.2 (9b830) is now available for download via your Apple TV by going to Settings –> Software update.

No details have been released about this update, but expect them to be released soon via the Apple TV software updates page.

Direct download links are below:

…refresh for updates

[via MacRumors]


  • bringer666

    Hope it fixes the mirroring issue that came with the last update.

  • Yeah. Lots of people have asked for that bug to be squashed. Let us know how your experience is.

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  • Jd2157

    It’s Apple TV Software 5.0.2 build 9B830 (4250) but does anyone know what iOS version it is? (under About > click Select to show OS version)

  • bringer666

     It didn’t fix the issue. Mirroring still isn’t working.

  • bringer666

    Turns out the issue wasn’t with the iOS update although an OS 5 update may have brought the issue to the forefront. Some Google searching found the solution by changing a setting on my router.