Apple TV 5 Mass Production to Begin Early 2016 [Rumour]



The next-generation Apple TV is set to enter trial production this month, followed by mass production in the first quarter of 2016, according to anonymous supply-chain sources speaking with Digitimes.

If we are to believe the whispers, Apple’s foray into the living room will get a nice upgrade, as for the first time it will adopt a heat-dissipation solution to handle the new CPU incorporated in the Apple TV 5.

Apple is planning to adopt a new CPU for the fifth-generation Apple TV to dramatically improve the device’s hardware performance and will add new functions to help it no longer serve only as a set-top box (STB).

Considering that Apple has just released the new set-top box a couple months ago, the Apple TV 5 isn’t likely to hit the shelves anytime soon. By the way, the sources refrained from estimating any release timeframe, but mass production in early 2016 could signal an earlier launch than this year’s.


  • bionicmonk

    oh for ffs.. I just bought 3 Apple Tv 4th gens.

  • Léonard Bonfils

    Yeah I just bought one too. I’m not really that mad though, the more attention they bring to their Apple TVs, the more potential users I can get as a dev 😛 (just starting out on tvOS though, haven’t made anything concrete yet).

  • runner

    No technology company says: ‘ok, we just released this product, no need to think about it for another year’.
    I guarantee you, Apple is already thinking about the 6th and 7th gen versions as well.

  • bionicmonk

    But its been less than a month and the article is talking about releasing the next gen in the next 3-4 months. That’s ridiculous.

  • Find it hard to believe an update would be coming so soon. This is Digitimes after all. Makes a great headline for a slow Friday news cycle though! 🙂

  • RickysCV

    I hope not since I’m just going down to pick up the one I bought last week 🙁 We’re all for changing tech-unless it involves something we just bought 🙂

  • Bringonthenite

    Remember the iPad 3? That model diidn’t last too long.