Apple VP of Special Projects Paul Deneve Will Now Report to Jeff Williams Instead of Tim Cook



Yesterday, Apple VP of Special Products Paul Deneve was removed from the company’s executive profiles page. This suggested that he may longer be with the company or that he has left the executive team.

Financial Times reporter Tim Bradshaw then reported that Deneve is still at the company. Deneve will now report to Apple Watch lead Jeff Williams instead of CEO Tim Cook. Bradshaw confirmed this in a tweet:


Paul Deneve joined Apple after leaving his position as CEO of  luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. One of Deneve’s first roles after he joined the company on the Apple Watch. Now that Deneve is reported directly to Williams, we could see his involvement with the company shift to primarily focus on the Apple Watch.

[via MacRumors]


  • BigCat

    It’s kind of funny. In places that I have worked we would always joke about Managers that got the words “Special Projects” in their title as having a year or less before they would be terminated.

  • winnertakesteve

    Wait so apple recently rehired a 90s apple era executive? This explains a lot.

  • Janker

    Same observation here, “Special Projects” is totally code word for “Nothing for you to do here so either find a job or you’re out real soon”