Apple Watch 2 Coming in Q2 2016, Claims Quanta


Quanta’s chairman Barry Lam has claimed during an investor meeting that a new generation of the Apple Watch is already in the works, which will be released in Q2 2016, GforGames is reporting (via UDN). For those who aren’t aware, the current generation Apple Watch is assembled by China-based Quanta Computers. Lam added that that next year, the smartwatch market will continue to grow and mature, and that the next-gen Watch will perform better than the original model.


The source notes that after the statement from Quanta’s founder regarding the Apple Watch 2, rumours are circulating in China that the device will hit the shelves less than a year after the original model’s debut. Allegedly, a small batch will be delivered in late Q2, with volume shipment starting in Q3 2016.

Of course there are no more details on what might make the next-gen Apple Watch better than the current one, it is being speculated that it might pack a 3G modem inside. Now whether Apple will create a new gadget from the ground-up, or retain the same design and launch the next model with upgraded internals, such as an Apple Watch “S”, only time will tell.


  • Léonard Bonfils

    They better change that terrible design…

  • websnap

    Maybe for you.

    I have it and love it. Options to this design for those who prefer a different design is one thing but I don’t see it happening.

  • Léonard Bonfils

    The Apple Watch will never succeed if they don’t increase the screen size. 38mm is simply impossibly to use and 42mm is still very hard to use for anyone who doesn’t have child-sized hands.

    EDIT: Of course, when I say succeed, I mean succeed considering it is a product made by Apple. Not just succeed on the scale of “normal products”

  • websnap

    I completely disagree since I have average to large hands and I have never experienced any issues outside of poorly designed apps. The face doesn’t need to be bigger, the 3rd party apps need to be better designed. Nobody wants a phone on their wrist.

    It seems to be doing quite well for something most people are told they shouldn’t need.

  • Léonard Bonfils

    It’s sure as heck not doing “quite well” considering Apple has not given a single sales figure ever since April. The sales are average at best, otherwise Apple would have talked about those sales at WWDC, or at their September event, and we all know how much Apple loves to show off those sales figures.

    And look, regarding the screen size, it DOES need to be bigger. What do you expect developers to make with a screen size of 42 mm ? That’s a ridiculously small screen. Consumers shouldn’t blindly accept Apple’s products and then just tell developers to make better apps.

    It took Apple 5 generations to realize that people wanted bigger screens. I’m calling it right now. By Apple Watch 3 (I’m guessing September 2017), the Apple Watch will have a bigger screen. Let’s just see how many generations of crappy watches Apple will sell before that happens.

    I don’t hate the Apple Watch. I’m a developer and will definitely be playing around with watchOS 2 in the near future. It just has too many huge flaws to justify it’s stupid high $CAD 519 + tax price point.

    I like Apple’s products. I’ve just come to realize that you should never, ever buy a 1st-gen Apple product. Apple just has an obvious trend of releasing bad 1st-gen products and then making 2nd gen MUCH better (look at the iPad 2 for example). More generally, by Gen 3 or 4, the product finally becomes what it should always have been (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, MacBook Air… literally all of Apple’s products). Like I said though, if the Apple Watch 2 gets released next September and if they have significantly changed the design, I might buy it.

  • websnap

    You are entitled to your opinion but with my experiences I just don’t agree with any of it. I’ve had my watch since June – I love it and have had no issues other than slow app data load times before OS2. It doesn’t seem to be an issue for me at all.

    Comparing watch face sizes to phone size trends makes no sense. You are thinking like a tech fan and not like a person who follows fashion. They are not the same and one doesn’t inform the other.

    it’s sold more in the first quarter than all other smart watches combined. Forbes has projected 4m in the last quarter alone. Your comment is a copout – it will sell a lot for the market, but not for an apple product. I think you need to go back and look at figures for new category apple products and not just new iterations. iPad sold 3.2m in it’s first quarter for comparison. The iPhone sold 2.3m in it’s second – and those are devices people expected how to use or thought they needed. The watch is a different beast entirely.

    Stop thinking of the screen as a traditional UI port and innovate the interface. That’s the answer. There are a lot of fantastic apps that don’t require precision, hell – they don’t even require you to stop walking. Larger screen is a lazy, clunky answer.

    But that’s my opinion.

  • Léonard Bonfils

    Agree to disagree.