Apple Watch’s Health and Fitness Features Put to the Test Against Garmin Watch


Hannes Verlinde, a iOS Software Engineer at Facebook in London, has put the Apple Watch’s fitness features to the test against a Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS watch.

The Apple Watch has proven to be very accurate when it comes to tracking a run. As you can see in the image below, both the Apple Watch and the Garmin watch have almost the same statistics at the end of Verlinde’s run.


In his tweet, Verlinde said that the test was conducted while the Apple Watch wasn’t paired to his iPhone, which means it wasn’t able to use the iPhone’s GPS information. Taking all of that into consideration, the device performed extremely well.



This proves that you don’t have to take your iPhone with you to accurately track your run or any other fitness activity. Verlinde’s results match the general consensus of various tests performed against the Apple Watch, including the heart rate sensor test by Consumer Reports that was reported earlier today.

The Apple Watch was even used by model and avid runner Christy Turlington-Burns, who used the device to help her train for this weekend’s London marathon.


  • matt

    I don’t usually feel very comfortable wearing the watch when I go to the gym….I do bring my iPhone so I’m wondering if the activity app will function just the same? And sync up with the watch when it is in range? Or do I have to wear the watch for the activity app to work?

    Also when using weather as a complication on watch face, I heard it keeps location services on at all times on the phone therefore draining battery, as opposed to when it isn’t a complication and location services aren’t on at all times… this true?

  • Canada72

    Can you run with the Apple Watch and no phone? I thought the Apple Watch did not have a GPS?

  • Yes you can and the screenshots show how accurate the watch is compared to the Garmin. The watch appears to learn your routes as what Christy Turlington-Burns explained earlier.

  • matt

    Can you run without the watch and just the phone?

    Will the activity app just sync together when phone is in range od watch?

  • Tim

    While reading this article I had a moment where I liked the Apple watch and felt myself wanting one. I’ve been its biggest critic, but wait…most of this can be done on an iphone…right? must think rationally.

  • JH

    I’d be interested to know what say a 34km run with Phone and Watch does to the batteries. Ideally using the Nike App.

  • Eric

    the watch will learn your stride.. then you can run without a phone