Apple’s BeatsX Headphones Launch Canada, Pricing at $179.95

As expected, Apple has finally launched sales of their BeatsX earphones today, available both in Canada and the USA. Sales launched early this morning at about 12:25AM PST, and currently stock is available both online and at retail stores, priced at $179.95 CAD. AirPods cost $219, for comparison.

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White and black models are available in-stores, with delivery dates noting arrival by February 15. For newer colours grey and blue, online delivery estimates note February 23-28 arrival, while stores don’t seem to have these in stock yet for pick up.

BeatsX earphones have battery life of 8 hours, plus the corded headphones allow for included remote controls, along with the same W1 chip in AirPods for easy pairing with your iOS devices. Once paired, the headphones will be accessible on devices using the same iCloud account.

If you are dying for a pair, all Apple Stores in Canada are showing white and black versions of BeatsX in stock, according to iStockNow’s real-time tracker.

If you’re trying to decide between Apple’s AirPods and BeatsX, check out these comparison videos. Anyone pick up a pair?

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  • MrXax

    Cheaper than AirPods… I was not expecting that. And I assume you can skip songs with these? *eyeroll*

  • Yes!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary , all colours were available at 3:30amEst. I grabbed a pair in blue and black delivering monday. Blue is the new Black!

  • mxmgodin

    I reserved a pair at the Toronto Eaton Centre when I got up this morning. My order still shows they’ll be “Available for pick-up today”, but I still haven’t received the reservation confirmation. And now, on the product page, reservations slipped to next Thursday.
    Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be able to get my pair after work still. Worst case, I may just cancel and order a pair (if it still show available for delivery on Wednesday).

  • swotam

    They were always talked about as being cheaper than AirPods. Also, these are not nearly as “technically sophisticated” as AirPods, so they should be cheaper in any case. These are basically a standard set of BT sport headphones with a W1 chip, as opposed to the AirPods which are basically 2 tiny, independent BT/W1 mini-speakers that are packed with all sorts of bleeding edge tech.

    Not saying they’re perfect, but it’s not really a solid comparison.

  • Ynik

    AirPods are 159$USD or 219$ CAN. BeatsX 149$USD or 179$CAN. I was expecting the BeatsX to be more expansive. Strange that Apple used a different conversation rates.

  • Salinger

    Same here. I’m wondering if they missed our orders because they came in before they opened? Seems unlikely, but they were showing as in stock and still available for pickup today up until about lunch time. If there were none in stock, that likely would have been corrected much earlier than that. I just hope they didn’t sell them in-store and missed our orders and now we’re out of luck.

  • mxmgodin

    I wouldn’t think they would have missed orders. But maybe the in-store inventory has to be updated manually, and they ended up with more online reservations than they had in-store stock? I don’t know. In any case, I’m still waiting for a confirmation…

  • Salinger

    I’ve read a few people over in the Mac Rumours forums who also ordered first thing this morning but only got the pickup confirmation just now. They didn’t indicate where they were, but perhaps it’s a similar situation to here.

  • mxmgodin

    Just got my confirmation! 😛

  • Salinger

    Me too! I also ordered a pair at Yorkdale as they were showing in stock when the Eaton Centre was out just in case. Will cancel that one now. 🙂

  • Luis Alonso

    hey! what time did you pace your order? I placed mine at 6:32am and I haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet..

  • Luis Alonso

    hey! what time did you pace your order? I placed mine at 6:32am and I haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet

  • mxmgodin

    Placed my order at 7:43am this morning, and got the pick-up confirmation email at 3:33pm (so 8-ish hours later).

  • Luis Alonso

    at the eaton center?

  • mxmgodin


  • Luis Alonso

    so pissed man! still haven’t gotten mine and my order was before yours lol

  • mxmgodin

    That sucks 🙁
    Does your order status still shows as “processing items”?

  • Luis Alonso

    yah.. still says available for pick up today too

  • Salinger

    Sorry, wasn’t checking this thread. Did you get your pick-up notice? I ordered at 7:30am, got the pick-up email at 3:30pm. Also at the Eaton Centre.

    Because the Eaton Centre was showing as sold out online, I placed another order at Yorkdale just in case at 12:30pm, and also got the pick-up email from that at exactly the same time as the Eaton Centre one. Looks like they were done in batches.

    If you haven’t gotten it yet, I’d drop by. Just seems to be a delay in the emails, but I think they have the orders processed.