Belkin WeMo Switch Drops 42% Off at $34.99: Lowest Price Ever on Amazon

Share: has a sale on various Belkin’s WeMo Switches right now, offering the lowest prices on the site, according to price tracker CamelCamelCamel.

Here’s what’s available: 

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These switches will allow you to control electronics on and off from anywhere, so it’s convenient for items such as lamps, porch lights and more. These switches connect to your local Wi-Fi network to operate, so you can control them from anywhere on your iOS device or other smartphone.

You can also integrate them with IFTTT to create from various recipes, plus with Halloween and Christmas coming, these will make it much easier to control any displays you have on outside.

If you want to save more, you can try price matching these at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot to save 10% of the price differences. But if you don’t want to waste time, they are available with free shipping from Amazon and are Prime eligible.

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Click here to visit Amazon and jump on these WeMo Switches while they’re still on sale.

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  • fredf1

    Just to be clear: the regular price for Belkin Wemo switches is $49.99 NOT $59.99!
    Secondly, they are currently on sale at BestBuy for $34.99.

  • BCEd

    Chances are that if you bought any as I just did, they will not work. With the latest firmware update they are shipped with, they cannot connect to many wi-fi networks (known problem documented in their support forums) which effectively bricks them as the *only* way to update/correct their firmware is via wifi which leaves it a Catch-22. AVOID!!

  • BCEd

    After talking with Belkin’s customer support, the only solution they can offer is for me to return the units for a refund. And they continue to sell this POS? I feel somewhat duped, not least by iPhoneinCanada’s entreaty for us to jump on this “gre

  • GeDe

    Just dumped all my wemo devices as they are not compatible with smartthings, and other devices are available that do the same job for half this sale price.