BMO, TD, Scotiabank Apple Pay Launch Confirmed for June 1 [u]


As expected, TD, Scotiabank and BMO will launch Apple Pay tomorrow, confirms the Toronto Star, in a story titled “All Big 5 Banks Join Apple Pay Club”:

As of Wednesday, BMO, TD and Scotiabank, join the others in allowing customers to allow users to pay for purchases by holding their phones up to payment terminals.

Earlier today, we told you TD would launch Apple Pay tomorrow, and now it is confirmed (sources say an 8:30AM EDT launch time, wait and see).

The Star also reports Canadian Tire will launch in-app payments for Apple Pay, joining ATB Financial, who confirmed this earlier today.

Earlier this month, RBC and CIBC were the first Canadian banks to launch Apple Pay support for Visa, MasterCard and Interac. The mobile wallet first launched in Canada last fall limited to American Express cardholders.

Apple Pay works on an iPhone 6 or newer or Apple Watch (paired with an iPhone) at retailers, while an iPad Air 2 or newer, iPad mini 3 or newer and iPad Pro can make in-app purchases with the mobile wallet.

Get ready, folks!

โ€ฆmore to follow

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  • matt

    as someone who’s an rbc customer using apple pay since the launch, welcome to the cool club everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
    we have cookies. and apples. no blackberries though sorry

  • Jay

    Fuck yeah!

  • fred

    Been hoping to see this headline for soo long! Thanks Gary for keeping us in the loop.

  • Guest

    Tangerine still a few weeks away?

  • cannot wait – it’s about time! Thanks for the update Gary!

  • Cheers Fred!

  • Awesome news eh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • slicecom

    What about Tangeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeee!?

  • Matt

    I was told by the CEO Peter Aceto on Twitter that it is coming “July ish”

  • CowboyYall

    I can stop relying on my US Chase account for mobile purchases.

    Thanks for breaking the news! Boom!

  • #boom

  • Lee Palisoc

    YES! Finally. Now I don’t have to use my ATB MC anymore. Since Apple Pay was officially launched, I stopped using my debit/credit cards to purchase items.

  • David

    *Happy Dance*

  • Scott Belbin

    just one word…….GIGGIDY!

  • Us Desjardins suckers are still waiting for news that they’re at least working on it…

  • Matt

    “July ish” according to their Ceo on Twitter

  • CRAP


  • Ron

    Woooo whooooo finally.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    desjardins isnt consumer cocused outside of quebec

  • bbousquet

    Annoyed at Capital One twiddling their thumbs… Oh well, there’s always my Amex.

  • ierick

    I can’t imagine someone holding an iPad Pro to pay groceries , thanks for the info Gary

  • bbousquet

    You can’t use Apple Pay at point of sales with an iPad. Non-iPhone devices can only do in-app Apple Pay purchases.

  • PlayerX

    I am a vip member then: Amex-Apple Pay yser since November !

  • Jackie Dresser

    Can you use Apple Pay with your regular TD access card? Heard mixed answers about this

  • Peter

    Yes, you can. It’s listed on their website as well.

  • Max

    You can use your TD Access card on Apple Pay don’t need card at all

  • David

    Small correction – Apple Watches do in-store as well.

  • Kevin

    Got the important notice in BMO online banking saying Apple Pay now with BMO, but still can’t add the card.

  • Buddha

    YES! It’s added! (TD Visa Debit)

  • Glassbase

    I was able to add my TD Visa Debit at 522 AM EST. Had been trying since 505 and finally accepted it at 522. Cheers all TD customers – we finally have AP

  • Glassbase

    Me too. Woo

  • Buddha


    App still says coming soon lol

  • Glassbase

    I was also able to add my TD Emerald Visa ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peter

    Scotiabank is live as well!

  • Buddha

    Never mind .. App is updated so are the webpages.

  • Buddha

    Worked fine for me.

  • Steve

    hooked up my BMO card about an hours ago. now to test it out…

  • Mr. Speedy

    Since launch of CICB/RBC Apple Pay, I’ve been using a CIBC card which was dormant in my wallet, but my regular use card is a BMO World Elite. I just added it to my wallet and it accepted it just fine. I also added my BMO Debit card without problem. I added a TD Driver’s Reward card which I also don’t use much, but added it for the sake of it. Yay, I can now stop using this CIBC “emergency card” and start using my regular BMO card which gives me rewards. I tried added two business credit cards, one from BMO and one from TD, and both were denied Apple Pay saying the bank don’t support these cards yet. Guess this is just for consumer use!

  • Doug

    Loaded my TD Access Card, no problem. TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa, no problem. But it won’t take my Aeroplan Business Business Visa. It says ‘your issuer doesn’t yet offer support for this card’. Huh?

    Anyone else have this problem ?

  • erth

    ok, happy now. let us not forget how long it took TD to do this.

  • Corrode

    Tangerine end of July according to their CIF.

  • jonnyoh

    BMO Rewards World Elite is the bomb.

  • jonnyoh

    ahhaah that’s the only reason that made you want to switch banks??

  • jonnyoh

    VIP? Or just the club nobody wants to get into? ;P kidding