BREAKING: Telus and Bell to Launch iPhone in November!


Hell has frozen over!

If an article at the Globe & Mail is to be believed (and how can you not believe it?!), the iPhone is coming to Telus and Bell as early as November 2009!

It would seem that in November Telus and Bell will have their GSM network up and running that they have been building together. The release of the new network is much earlier than anticipated and Bell says that their new network will extend their 3G technology to the same standard that Rogers is currently using, which is HSPA+ at 21 Mbps.

The big network difference here is that Bell argues that their HSPA+ network is superior to Rogers and will cover all of Canada by launch (versus only 5 cities by Rogers). This news also breaks months of rumors and speculation that Telus/Bell will be unable to run the iPhone on their network.

On the Apple side of things, I believe it is pretty safe to say that, given the opportunity, Apple will begin selling iPhones to Telus/Bell. Considering that Apple is the business of selling iPhone hardware, another 1 million+ sold devices would be more than welcomed by Apple.

To add to this, it has not been made public (or seen at all) that Rogers and Apple have any exclusivity agreements with the iPhone. So overall, it seems likely that the iPhone is headed to Telus/Bell.

As many expect, this news changes everything!

Of course, what will matter most are the price plans that Telus/Bell will have and how much the monthly cost will be. This also brings to question the cost and plans that will come from the new carriers, such as WIND mobile.

But the biggest thing of all is that Canada will now have MULTIPLE GSM carriers, all carrying the iPhone. This means competition and potential price drops! I am already prepping my “hello Rogers, credit my account so I pay $30 a month or I’m going to Bell/Telus that have the same phone and same price plans” speech!

It is quite amazing to see the influence that Apple has on the world. In 1984, Apple changed the computer industry with the Macintosh. In 2001, Apple changed the music industry with the iPod. In 2007, Apple changed the mobile industry with the iPhone. And now in 2009, Apple will change the mobile landscape in Canada!

I believe it goes without saying that if this all goes through for Telus/Bell, the two companies will have a fantastic Christmas shopping quarter, where Rogers/Fido will likely have their absolute worst Christmas shopping quarter ever. I would love to see the inside of the boardroom at RCI in Toronto right now and see Nadir and the crew realize the mistakes they have made with all the price gouging of their customers recently.

Lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of the new changes:


  • Competition
  • Price drops
  • Flexibility of mobile carriers
  • No more getting @#$%ed by Rogers/Fido


  • The plans do not happen
  • Prices across the industry stay the same
  • The service from Telus/Bell is sub-par

If you have any other advantages or disadvantages, sound off in the comments below and I will happily add them to our list!



  • lello91

    Fkn crazy shit!!!

  • djelimon

    You would have to unlock to cross over though right? I'm not sure I can do that anymore (as opposed to jailbreak). This might stymie any attempt by Bell/Telus to steal customers and neutralize a lot of pressure to reduce rates.

  • icemanyvr

    It's about time… that's great for people who didn't want to switch to Rogers. It will be very interesting to see their pricing.

    If I wasn't getting $30/month credit from Rogers, I think I would be there in a heartbeat.

  • Dusty


  • bibowski

    It's about freaking time!

    I was told that existing Telus unlimited data plans will work with the iPhone as well! Woo hoo!

  • And when Rogers says “no” to your proposed $30 monthly bill, and informs you of the $400+ fee to break your contract, what will you do then?

  • Sevael

    It's nice to have the variety in carriers, but Bell and Telus's plans aren't really any better. I work with people on both carriers and they're paying around the same as what I pay on Rogers. I don't imagine they'll drop prices for the iPhone when the phone itself is the incentive to generate the contract renewals.

  • Pay $400 and say GOODBYE!
    I have had my cancellation fee already set aside for this day.

  • digitalterry

    There is more than one GSM carrier in the US. I would be surprised if Rogers did not have an exclusive agreement. It would be nice to see competition but I bet the package costs will be almost identical if it does happen.

  • Dusty

    LOL ya I am thinking about that too.
    I would still have to pay my Data plan cancellation fee with the normal cancellation fee and if any other hidden fees… lol It may add up.

  • JeffC

    This is BIG news. I wonder if we're really going to see some competition – or more of the same old – same old.

  • xaroc

    This is good news, i still have my Government BC flat Sector $8 plan active on my Telus Phone. Looks like Telus will be Buying me a new phone Come Christmas time 😀 . Lets hope their service is better too. Also a Disadvantage to add to the list

    Telus/Bell New to the GSM world, For people who Rush in, Could suffer Hiccups in service if they require time to Fix all the bugs that may occur at launch. we ALL know that new products/services normally are flawed some way on initial release due to them being Rushed for Christmas Sales

  • rekil

    Bell have been the biggest gougers of Canadians for over 50 years. Do any of you really think they will drop the price any to make it worth while? I mean, perhaps $5/month at most. They will capitalize on the idea that people are sick of Rogers and wish for an alternative even if that alternative offers the exact same price plan. Come on people, this is not new. Us consumers have been flip-flopping between 3 criminal providers in vain for over a decade now. Sorry for the pessimism kids, I really hope I am wrong.

  • I still have my doubts. All these articles seem to be based on the fact that the new Bell network is capable of using the iPhone, it doesn't mean Rogers doesn't have an exclusive or that Bell can make a deal with Apple.

    I hope Bell does get the iPhone because competition is good, but I won't switch. Bell is a horrible company with the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Rogers prices are too high, but the customer service has been excellent and the network has been great except for a few months at the beginning of this summer.

  • Damn!!!!

    That's impressive. Now if they can fix their data plans we'll be all set!

  • Have you ever dealt with Bell? I have had nothing but trouble with them, and it wasn't an isolated incident, friends and family had the exact same experience. Be prepared to have major billing problems. The network service is terrible in Ontario but that may be taken care of with their new network. Right now, where I live you can get five bars with Rogers where you can't get one with Bell.

  • montymon

    How long until there are lawsuits against Apple for locking their equipment to individual carriers? If I have met my contractual obligations with Rogers and own the equipment or bought the equipment outright, why can't I use it on any compatible carrier's network?

    I'd like to move, but I don't want to pay to replace equipment I've already paid for that works with identical equipment to operate on a different carrier.

  • TK

    This is great! Perhaps now Rogers / Fido will get their acts together, and instead of gouging us for less value, move towards a system where plans actually get better and are of better value as time goes on.

  • Rob433

    i agree long about 4 years bell tried to screw me and my wife over with billing issues so we cancelled the contract and left for telus. and they wernt much better but then again im now payin robbers i mean rogers. i think that if robbers doent have a exclusive contract with iphone then i can see these 3 companies using Collusion tactics to keep prices the same or raise them so that there is no diff in price between carriers

  • don58

    Just because there isn't an exclusivity agreement doesn't mean that the iPhone won't be locked to the original carrier. And how many customers will be savvy enough to jailbreak their handset in order to a new carrier?

  • MistahTibbs

    That's what I'm talking about.

    I have an HTC Touch and, frankly, I'm pretty happy with it. Locked in for 3 years but about half way through.
    I want an iPhone. Sad, really. 🙂

    But I have a $7/month unlimited data plan…I know,there's no way in hell Bell will let me keep that but I'm hoping with a little talkin' and hopin' I'll have a sweet, sweet iPhone by Xmas with a plan not much more than the $45 I'm paying now.

    Here's to G&M having accurate info on this story.
    We'll know by the end of the week if it's only the speed of the network they're talking about or whether it really is the iPhone coming to Bell/Telus.

    Anyone else notice that Bell is claiming the HSPA net for ALL of Canada and not just Roger's 5 major centers….eh, we'll see. Oh yes, we will.


  • ibog


    Sorry to burst your bubble. There will still be no competition. It's going to take up to 3 years before this affects existing Rogers customers and some may still not want to make the change.

    Firstly, the iPhone is only available on a 3 year contract from Fido or Rogers. To switch, consumers will have to pay the termination charges which I believe are up to $500.

    Secondly, even once you terminate your account with Fidos or Rogers your iPhone will not work with Telus or Bell because it has been locked. Sure, savvy consumers can jailbreak and unlock (if they haven't already upgraded to 3.1 from iTunes. The reality is that jailbreaking and unlocking will only be acceptable to a small group of users willing to wait for hacks and mods whenever Apple releases a new update. And even then, there is no guarantee an update will ever be available that will retain the unlocked status of your iPhone.

    We need to outlaw the practice of locking iPhones to a carrier or at the very least require the carrier to unlock the phone once they have recovered any subsidies on the phone. THAT would be news!


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  • ikris

    It's official — Bell getting iPhone in November.

    BCE Inc.'s Bell Canada (TSX:BCE) says it will begin
    offering two models of the Apple iPhone smartphone in November, a
    move that will put added pressure on rival Rogers Communications
    It will be the first time Bell has offered Apple smartphones,
    which have only worked in Canada on the Rogers wireless network.
    It's been anticpated for months that Bell and Telus Corp. (TSX:T)
    would begin offering Apple smartphones once the two phone companies
    rolled out their new wireless networks.
    Bell announced Monday that its new high-speed wireless network
    will be ready across the country in November, ahead of its original
    The Montreal-based company said Tuesday it has an agreement with
    Apple to start offering the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in November.
    Bell has Canada's second-largest installed base of wireless
    customers after Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX:RCI.B), which also
    owns the Fido brand.

  • I hope so. They don't compete very much at the moment.

  • Rude van Steenes

    As I noted in this blog on August 17th under the by-line;

    “Rogers/Fido Updated New Upgrade Policy Brings New Tricks”

    What have you got on the rumor that Bell is coming into the picture with it's 3G/4G network and will be allowed to sell the iPhone this coming fall?

    This came from a marketing rep over the weekend and he claims that all these strategies by Rogers will come undone once that happens as the source claims Bell will do whatever it takes to steal back the wireless power base. Under new management and flush with cash, Bell wants in on 3G/4G and negotiations are apparently ongoing.

    Have you or anyone else out there heard any more on this??

    and, although no one responded, he did call me last weekend to confirm-

  • yawei

    As I know, Bell is not allowed drop price by its will so smaller company can grow up, such as price for home phone. I'm sure Bell's partners, like Virgin mobile will have better deals on GSM network.

  • tweety45

    That's great that Bell and Telus is finally moving over to GSM. I have been with Bell for years. The only reason for that is Bell is cheaper but the service is crap.

    Will Bell's new network be as good as Rogers? My boyfriends iphone works flawlessly in the basement, whereas my bell's cell phone doesn't get any reception the second I go below ground surface. Is this because of Bell's network coverage or I have a crappy phone? When they do finally get the new GSM network, will the reception improve?

  • superbman
  • coffs

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with both bell and telus on personal 3yr contracts and with numerous company phones. I will NEVER go back to bell for any reason. When talking to all of my friends and peers they all agree that bell is by far the worst service provider. They had a few favourable comments for telus but mainly dislike. The ones that are with Rogers all seemed relatively pleased with their service. I just recently decided to make the switch to fido (not yet a month in). After finding this website I am dissapointed to see all the negative feedback with Rogers/fido. I stress to you that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I challenge you to find one person that hasn't been screwed by bell (other than a really good company plan). Telus I would consider going back to. They were great untill I left the country and put my plan on “vacation” then screwed me when I came back and re-activated it. One small problem with bell and telus may be resolved with their new 3g network. Previously they had terrible reception. Especially when driving highways in rural areas. Good luck to those who try and get out of their contract only to go to a much worse service provider.

  • Your words are true, but that was then and this is now. They have a new
    network and the new iPhone. Things may just change for the better! Have

  • sixpointe

    WOooooooo Ahh…. I'm sorry can I speak to your manager Shelly? Your a tool for charging me this much. (Ah Yes. William. I'd like to cancel my account with Rogers Wireless) What Your willing to give me a better package? For cheaper too? Ah well I'll have to think about it. Cause you've cause me emotional and physical stress when you %%**%# Me every month…. (Oh unlimited everything forever you say????? Well I'll have to think about it.. Lmao.

  • LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  • superbman
  • Bryan

    IF you go to the Telus Homepage, they are currently registering interest in the iPhone.

    So they're getting it! Score!

  • Anyone seen anything from Bell advertising the iPhone 3G/3GS?

    Telus has a page up…

    C'mon Bell, don't screw this one up!

  • ericneil

    I would have to agree telus and bell out of all the service providers in canada may cost less but customer service lack in many ways then i can say about rogers. at least rogers doesnt charge you to change your plan, as therefore bell does! and what does that mean when all that extra revenue for price plan changes is not going to the customer service part of there business. i also believe that if there lauching there network early how do u know that there systems are not gonna be glitchy as there cdma system are not the best at all. Everyone might think rogers is pricy but in the end will always rank higher in alot of peoples minds.

  • macxz

    good news for BELL and Telus customers..
    i've been with bell for 2 years now, and i like it better than rogers..
    i had rogers before and they have so many hidden fees…
    and 1 time i subscribe for a mobile internet (i had blackberry) i did not know that they have a separate plan for that.. so i keep using my browser.. then my bill went up.. i call rogers and told them that i did not know and they did not tell me… they told me that its my fault and i still have to pay for everything…..
    BUT with bell, i had that problem also, they fixed it for me…. so i did not pay for anything

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Don't kid yourselves people. Bell and Telus will keep the status quo and offer no relief on plans/hardware pricing. This will turn out to be a case of collusion just as in the oil industry/gas stations where prices are almost always the same wherever you go. Why would anyone want to shake things up (when as far as the executives in the board rooms of all four wireless providers are concerned) if you don't get/have a choice where are you going to go?

  • When I read the title I was like whhaaa Bell?? as in Southern Bell lmao…they are going tech backwards..lmao..!!

  • eggomiego

    Great move on Bell/Telus side. I know most people haven't had the greatest experience with bell or telus, but i have had bell mobility for over 4 years and have always had great customer service. Reception has always been better then my friends with rogers, especially out in the country and camping. I'm usually the only one with reception.

  • great move by Bell/Telus side while i think there are better companies in the world who are expanding in the 3g network.

  • Considering that Apple is the business of selling iPhone hardware, another 1 million+ sold devices would be more than welcomed by Apple also the marketing strategy of apple is best.

  • In 2001, Apple changed the music industry with the iPod. In 2007, Apple changed the mobile industry with the iPhone.

  • Multiple GSM carriers, all carrying the iPhone.This means competition and potential price drops! I am already prepping my “hello Rogers, credit my account so I pay $30 a month or I’m going to Bell/Telus that have the same phone and same price plans” speech!

  • Multiple GSM carriers, all carrying the iPhone.This means competition and potential price drops! I am already prepping my “hello Rogers, credit my account so I pay $30 a month or I’m going to Bell/Telus that have the same phone and same price plans” speech!

  • The biggest thing of all is that Canada will now have MULTIPLE GSM carriers, all carrying the iPhone is quite best to do so.Cheer's.

  • Apple will begin selling iPhones to Telus/Bell. Considering that Apple is the business of selling iPhone hardware, another 1 million+ sold devices would be more than welcomed by Apple while there are many loop holes in iphone then also it is largest selling phone because of marketing policy of apple.

  • Very good news!

  • I got the iPhone.. great isn’t it 😀

  • I like my Android 🙂

  • IPhones rule any day and there is no question about it. It’s a great move and am glad about it.

  • Guest

    Nice article, you made my day….