British Columbia Pushing Ride-Sharing Services in the Province


According to a new report from CBC News, a total of nine organizations in British Columbia have decided to join forces to advocate in favour of ride-sharing services.

Some of the organizations included Vancouver Board of Trade, B.C. Business Council, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and San-Francisco-based ride-sharing company Lyft.


The organizations all got together and published a news release saying that it has launched a campaign to politicians in the province calling for a much needed competitive ride-sharing industry.

If you want to support this initiative, please head over to this website and email a letter to your local representative to ask for a speedy introduction to ride-sharing services.


  • Christian Hamann

    Last week waited 20 minutes on hold then 55 minutes for a taxi downtown Vancouver. Unacceptable.
    Bring this company’s!!

  • Mamba

    I think I would be more welcoming of them if they’d stop calling it ride-sharing. You’re paying for a service, nothing is being shared.