Canadian Tire Options Mastercard: After In Store Approval, Use Apple Pay Instantly [u]


Canadian Tire Bank, the financial arm of retailer Canadian Tire, has announced their Options Mastercard is now available for Apple Pay, upon immediate application approval. This makes the Options Mastercard the first credit card in Canada to enable Apple Pay as soon as you are approved in stores, without the need to wait for your physical card to arrive in the mail (updated).

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According to an email to iPhone in Canada from the company:

In a few simple steps, customers can load their new Options MasterCard onto their Apple or Android digital wallet as soon as they’re approved for credit in stores. That means, they no longer have to wait for the plastic card to arrive in the mail to begin using their credit cards. The mobile payment solution can be used the same day at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek and Mark’s stores, as well as anywhere tap payments are accepted for purchases up to $100.

The service also launches for Android Pay as well. Let us know if you’re going to be getting an Options Mastercard from Canadian Tire.

Update: article clarified the update today is about Digital Instant Issuance, meaning users can add cards to Apple Pay immediately after being approved, without the need to wait for a physical card in the mail.


  • bbousquet

    Didn’t Canadian Tire already support Apple Pay?

  • Walter White

    I been using Options Mastercard with Apple Pay since day one of Apple Pay launch in Canada

  • TimeLordX

    @WWhite77:disqus and @bbousquet:disqus, the article says that now, if you apply for CT MC, you’ll get Apple Pay for your card right away. You don’t have to wait for the actual plastic card to arrive first before you can activate your Apple Pay. So yes, CT MC has already had the Apple Pay support for quite some time now; the announcement is about getting your Apple Pay immediately upon your approval.

  • TimeLordX

    The article title is very poorly worded.

  • Updated the article fellas to clarify the announcement today is about Digital Instant Issuance for Apple Pay immediately after applying for a card in stores. (time to get my coffee now)

  • Cornfed710

    Craziness, I like it, I guess lol