CBC Report: Unlocked iPhone 4 Prices in Canada $659/779


**Update 1: it seems the Toronto Star is also stating the same pricing as the CBC. Thanks @msjpearson

The iPhone 4 launches this Friday, and Apple officially reminded us today. As for pricing, the Big 3 carriers have still kept us in the dark. It can be safe to assume pricing will be similar to the $199/$299 for 16/32GB models just like the iPhone 3GS last year.

CBC Reports Unlocked iPhone 4 Prices Will Be $659/$779?

The CBC wrote a story today that speculated on unlocked iPhone 4 pricing in Canada. Their sources told them the following:

iPhone 4 16GB: $659
iPhone 4 32GB: $779

Now, our previous unlocked iPhone 4 price predictions were $649/$749 for the 16/32GB models. We based this on the current price of the 8GB iPhone 3GS, which is selling for $549 unlocked. Apple typically prices their products with uniformity, just like what they did with their iPad pricing in Canada.

I checked with one of my Apple sources and the CBC prices are included with the $649/$749 numbers, so we will hear the final pricing announcement soon. Take the CBC report with a grain of salt as they could change. Why would people pay $120 more for the 32GB, when historically it was $100?

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



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  • It's cheaper to buy a subsidized phone, cancel your contract and unlock when you need to.

  • Tarek

    Seems a bit low, my years of cell phone salesman experience are leaning towards
    16gig: 699.99
    32gig: 799.99

  • Codeblue009

    except in quebec, the new law(like from june and on) says they can only charge (at maximum) the difference in from what you paid for the device and the full price
    ex: full price = 400$ price(hup/discount) = 40$ on a 3 year cont (36 months)
    difference in price = 360$ over 36 months thats 10$ per remaining month.

    and there are no other fees for a TLC, no data cancelation. (if u just want to remove your data its a different story, 200$ will apply)

  • Codeblue009

    except in quebec, the new law(like from june and on) says they can only charge (at maximum) the difference in from what you paid for the device and the full price
    ex: full price = 400$ price(hup/discount) = 40$ on a 3 year cont (36 months)
    difference in price = 360$ over 36 months thats 10$ per remaining month.

    and there are no other fees for a TLC, no data cancelation. (if u just want to remove your data its a different story, 200$ will apply)

  • Vartanarsen

    dang, thats cheap.
    Apple US is selling contract-free ones for thesame ($630 with Massachusetts Tax), and the dang thing is locked to AT&T!!!!!!

  • Arie

    As much as I want to pay $299.99 for my i4.. I don't want to be locked in for 3-years so I think I'm just going to go for the factory unlocked version for $779.

  • Hyperextension

    Unlocked is necessary for me. I am not buying it due to how Rogers has or has not treated me. In my opinion, they ALL screw you some way or another. I have been with Rogers and they have been fairly good to me. I am getting an unlocked phone because I travel often. All over Europe and it is nice to get a prepaid SIM card and pop it into my phone with no hassles. Even travelling to the USA you can get a SIM card from a company online that offers great rates. Cheaper than your own carrier.

  • iPhone <3

    It costs 500 to cancel a contract in Canada. 400 for the voice plan and 100 for the data plan. It's not cheaper.

  • leprimate

    What are Rogers/Fido/Telus waiting for… the 30th is Friday!! What a way to create havoc…

  • anti 786

    “unlock when you need to” – requires jailbreak… why take the hassle… also its not cheaper…

  • strang

    CNN is likely not going to release unfounded figures. They've got a great reputation to uphold. I bet you these numbers have been checked and iPhone 4 retail pricing is better than the 3GS last year!

  • Fashioncarbs

    I spoke to a Source/Bell employee today in Woodstock, NB, who clearly said there were going to be only 500 units being sent to all of Canada!

  • JJ

    Hey, ex, if I am going to get the iPhone 4 from Rogers if there Is a new iPhone or something similar next year will I be able to upgrade to that phone without paying the full price and also in the article up there it said that no major carriers have officially announced prices on the iPhone 4 what do you think the prices will be

  • Joe123

    Really, which carrier? Usually they will charge you more than the price of the phone to break your contract.

  • Ex

    Rogers policy is upgrades every 2 years. But temporary policy changes can modify that policy.

  • Guest

    They should announce their plans/prices around the 28th. They can't do it too early for competition reasons.

  • You don't think that's the first thing they thought of when creating the cancellation prices?

  • IPhone4Ready

    A friend who went into the Rogers store was told 4000 for all of Canada. I think they're just making up numbers to make sure they have lineups outside their stores. IMO, anyway.

  • websnap

    Sounds like unneeded hysteria. We will get more than that, especially since we have more than one carrier AND quite a bit of apple stores in Canada. I would say it's safer to say 500 per city for launch.

  • Guest


    I am from Newfoundland and we don't have an Apple store. Do you know if the Bell kiosks/stores will have a decent supply of iPhone 4's?


  • Noahattic

    i just got off the call to fido. i had a chance to talk to a really nice lady about upgrading the iphone 4…..

    unfortunately, she told me i am not eligible to upgrade……. i felt really frustrated…….. anyhow, she offered me a really really really awesome voice & talk plan to make me feel a lot better.

    i'm 4 years into the contract with fido…… just upgraded the iphone 3g 2 years ago…. i really hope there're some possibilities for me to upgrade to the 4th gen……..

    man,,,, i've even bought the screen protector…..i just cannot wait….

  • anakinskg

    Where are you getting those amounts from? Rogers? Telus' cancellation policy is $20 per month for the remainder of your contract.

  • waderb

    do you have the name of that company?

  • Luongo

    Wow. I can't believe fido wont let you upgrade… Fido and Rogers are the same company and its pretty stupid if Rogers lets their customers upgrade which has been the speculation for the last couple of days.

  • Dazza

    lol I did that too…As we speak it's on it's way from Hong Kong.

  • D4Yv3

    Does anybody know if this is before or after tax?

  • Ralph

    I am still debating if I should get an unlock one or not. Since I will not be traveling a lot and I do want a data plan. But the freedom of an unlock phone is so tempting. Since all my previous phones (N95, W850i, 2G iPhone…) are all unlock, it will feel very weird to have a lock phone….can't decide !!!

  • adzo89

    is this canadian dolars or american?

  • Before.

  • These unlocked prices are a “deal” especially if you compare them to prices in Europe too.

  • Jaye

    Hi Ex…I was just wondering if you know if Rogers will sell an iphone4 to me outright??

  • Dwight990

    before taxes

  • Adrian

    i would go early and wait in line if i were you

  • Scoogs

    …What do you think?

  • adzo89

    i m from europe, i dont know…

  • Techy tech

    Wait i don't' get it you said you have upgraded TWO years ago why aren't you eligible to upgrade??? isn't it Two years for the hardware upgrade (HU)?? i thought after two years in your 3 years contract you are eligible? whats going on am I missing something? DON'T tell me Fido doesn't let people upgrade for 3 years… because that would be huge rip off and just UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

  • Wipdeedoo

    I don't think it will “feel” any different…

  • Qweqweo

    Can I flag this for stupidity? 10X as many stores going to be selling the Iphone4…..SOooooo basically 1 in every 10 stores gets….1 Phone? Idiot.

  • Tarek

    They will sell it to you outright but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be unlocked. I don't see the point if it isn't unlocked either get it subsidized or buy it full price unlocked.

  • Tarek

    That's only if you don't have a data plan. The moment you get a data phone with a plan on 3 yr subsidized price you have two cancellation fees one for the voice (20/mth) and one for the data; I believe the data one is actually $200 dollars across the board at all Canadian Carriers.

  • Ex

    They will but it will be locked to Rogers.

  • HalfGlass

    What competition, the big three always sit at the table and discuss how to gouge the pour citizens, all their plans looks alike with few tweaks here and there, other than that they have no reason to compete against one another.

  • jake

    Dude!! stop saying its f@#&ing cheap its not cheap at all tax included it will cost almost $750 for 16gb and $881 for a f#*&ing phone. I personally think it should be less even though I can afford it no problem. who charges $120 for 16gb extra memory??? memories are much cheaper now a days, but apple didn't upgrade the memory this year because they want to have something left for iphone 5, they could have doubled the memory for the same price no problem but they will always find an excuse not to. even at 599, 699 its too high of a price. if you think about it the ipad has 3x the screen size. and its cheaper for the wifi model for the same capacities, and usually the screen is one very important price grabbing aspect beside the hardware construction and other materials. if anything it should cost less

  • Aguytest

    Let's assume it costs $400 to cancel a voice plan and $100 to cancel a data plan.

    $299.99 + $400 + $100 = $799.99. $799.99 > $779.99.

    I'm being pretty generous with the cancellation fees and that's not to mention you end up with a carrier locked iPhone.

  • The way I see it, you need to have a plan with one provider if you're getting one, even if there's no contract. They all suck for different reasons, so might as well pick one and stick with them. Thus, having it unlocked isn't a point if you don't travel internationally. And really, in a year (if there's a promotion) or two (standard upgrade timing), I'm just going to get a new iPhone. I don't really see a point in paying $650+ every year or two to stay up-to-date (my 3G is on iOS4 and is awful, so yes, I most certainly do plan to keep upgrading to new devices). So, I know that I'm going to a rogers or apple store, paying $200, and keeping my current plan come Friday.

  • jake

    Canadian Dude! we don't use American dollar here LOL!!

  • jake

    Canadian Dude! we don't use American dollar here LOL!!

  • Hyperextension

    Don't forget about future resale value. If you decide to sell your iPhone4, it is MUCH easier to sell on eBay or what have you if it is factory unlocked. You will get a much higher price for it. I just sold my 3GS on eBay and covers over half the money I will be paying for an unlocked iPhone4. You know when the next one comes out, you will want that one too!!

  • Brandon

    but they havent even said the release date on their web, which I thought would come first.

  • adzo89

    nice to know, because i will pay less for iphone 4 πŸ˜€ i love your country just because unlocked iphone πŸ™‚
    regards from Montenegro

  • Colem

    Pre order tomorrow?? Or atleast pricing? new macs rumoured tomoreow, logical time to ready the store for friday

  • Thommyqc

    And in the province of Quebec, carrier cannot charge cancellation fee's, they can only charge the value of the phone subsidized, so, if you go for 16g at 199$ they cannot charge more then 400$ or so…so 199$ + 400$ = 600$ or so!! and then you only have to unlocked the phone.

  • If the former leaked stories are correct, then you can upgrade. Even the standing policies for rogers/fido are 2 years=upgrade eligible. This lady is misinformed. Don't even bother talking to carrier representatives until their companies have officially come out and announced details online.

  • jake

    I think one of the reason that the prices are higher in EU is that they have a much higher tax bracket than us. but regardless its still too high I think. i know if you compare it to them it might be a different story but still

  • This person is not misinformed–they are an idiot. Don't listen to them. There will be at least…I'm guessing ten thousand units.

  • Jaye

    Thank you Ex!

  • Matt

    Well I hope you have a Canadian friend because they won't ship Canadian phones to non-Canadian addresses.

  • Jaye

    Thank you Tarek. That is okay if it is not unlocked…
    To be honest I rather buy my iphone4 unlocked from the apple store here in winnipeg…but I just do not know how early I can get there and if that store will have any left by the time I get there…
    Thats why I am just seeing about my options…
    But thanks for the info!

  • TO_Dave

    OK, Question: What if my Rogers locked iPhone gets replaced under warranty at an Apple store?? Will it still be Rogers locked or will the replacement (refurb) phone be unlocked?

  • Ex

    Locked to Rogers.

  • Aloombox

    Ahem, hello, what competition? There is no competition in this place!!

  • John

    If I had to bet how many units will come to Canada for Launch day it would be about 50,000 or a little more. It would be like less than a day's worth or production. Each Apple store should get on average 1,000 units and the Future Shops and Best Buys locations should get about 20-30 and then probably all the carrier stores should get 5-10 units on average. That makes sense to me.

  • Turtle

    you got played buddy. more like 500 to their specific store

  • Kat

    Any other Winnipegers out there? I've just called a few stores, and went to a stand-alone Rogers store and asked about opening times. They've all mentioned that none of them are opening early Friday, and that there is no guarantee that there will even be any at the time of open (10 am, all stores) as the rep said that it all depends on purolator gets the shipment to them.

    He said Winnipeg didn't get their shipments a few hrs after open due to Purolator issues. Makes me wonder if it's worth standing in line for hrs?!

  • Ex

    hahaha, no. Carrier stores will definitely NOT be getting that many on
    launch weekend.

  • Bkushner

    wtf, 2 years in to a contract and Fido says no? i have 2 words for Fido and it's not thank you.

  • funk

    to the people who want an unlocked one saying that they don't want a 3 year plan… honestly… i don't get it. your going to have to pay for a plan anyways which will be the same price month to month as being on a contract. so might as well just sign up for a plan and get the phone cheaper and unlock it yourself.

  • funk

    i said this too. i mean why pay $600? you still need a plan whether your tied into a contract or not. i'll just resign my contract and be done with it

  • Turtle

    500 per city still sounds too low. There's 2 apple stores in Vancouver, and they are going to be FLOODED.

  • mike

    actually bell charged me $200 cancelation fees for data. its not $100 its $200 only for data, unless things have changed since then

  • Guest

    I've been scouring the boards lately , but I couldn't find the answer to this particular question: I understand that Apple will be selling them unlocked, however will they also be selling any locked to any of the carriers as well?
    *awaits eye-rolls*

  • ace

    One question, from my understanding the apple store ONLINE will sell the iphone 4 on lunch day online correct?

  • Ex


  • Guest

    Yep, I had a year left w/Telus with an unlimited data plan, and I cancelled. They said my final total would be $200.

  • Ama58

    Hi everyone =)

    Does anybody know what Best Buy needs in order to upgrade your phone? Do they require the ID's of the primary account holder (I'm on a family plan)? Thx

  • Choochoo33

    can unlocked iphone 4's only be purchased thru the online apple store, or can they also be purchased in apple retail stores?

  • Colem


  • Hyperextension

    I think they require the main account holder to be present unless you are authorized to make changes to the account.

  • Petewilson99

    Any chance of the frequency being able to use wind mobilcity etc…? Or still limited to the Rogers/Telus/Bell frequency?

  • Bkushner

    I will HUP and sell it for profit and buy an unlocked for myself as well.

  • Adam K

    I found some prices on the website (hidden in the page’s code)…

    $199/$299 for subsidized iPhone 4
    $699/$799 for unsubsidized iPhone 4!&p=37403#post37403

  • Guest


    So best bet to get to the apple store (for volume), or one of the carriers (as apple store will be a zoo)….? hmmm. I need the best scenario due to time constraints. Anyone?

  • Ex

    If you've ever been to an Apple launch, the whole thing is rather fluid.
    (not a zoo)

  • Huh, didn't think of that…not a bad option considering that supply shortages will mean lots of demand especially for unlocked ones (assuming you're unlocking the one you sell). Heh, I should consider this.

  • Rowena Cclifford

    is it easy to buy a micro sim internationally? i have never heard of a mirco sim before the ipad. does any phones currently use it? or are they slowly all going to move into using the mirco sim?

  • Guest

    Hey Ex! I have question…I am 1 year into my contract with Rogers, will they let me upgrade early? If they do, by how many years will they extend my contract? And do you know how much the iphone 4 price is going to be for the upgraders? I can't decide buying it locked to Rogers or just getting the unlocked one from Apple :s

  • Ex

    Upgrade pricing various from person to person.

    Normally you have to wait 2 years, but it seems that Rogers may be
    temporarily changing that policy. If that is the case, then yes, you will be
    able to upgrade.

  • Trencher

    Lmao, I'm sure someone in New Brunswick is really going to have any inside source to know how many Canada is getting lol.

  • Trencher

    So does anyone have a good idea as to when I should get in line on Friday morning? I was thinking of heading down to Eaton Centre at around 4am… does that sound about right?

  • thewickedest

    should i buy the iphone 4 on bell?

  • Guest

    Ok, so this makes me think that the store is a good bet due to stock and “fluidity”. I have called the local apple store to confirm open time on Friday, and they said it would be at normal opening hrs. Think this is a lie? or is everyone else's apple store opening earlier?

  • Ex

    It's not a lie but it's not accurate either.

    The stores are just getting their morning plans this week!

  • Noahattic

    hey, guys, the thing is i originally signed up a 3 year agreement with fido in 2006 and then, around the summer of 2008, i upgraded to iphone 3g… then till last month, i just find out…. fido doesn't end the old agreement when upgrading the phone. they wait you to finish the old one and then start the new one… totally 4.5 years instead of 3 years. and they changes hup one year ago. only the one who has been using fido over 2 years and a half is eligible to upgrade..

    this sucks!! i asked their csp why fido's hup differs from rogers and its salesman misled me when i upgraded!! she was sort of pissed off and said fido is totally a different company from rogers….even though the owner is the same…..

  • Noahattic

    anyways, my story will either end up with fido's tempo upgrading policy or switch to rogers, which i really don't want to…….

  • skull

    only rogers/telus/bell. no aws on iphone yet

  • Theused

    i’m thinking that they are still hashing out return policy’s with apple. Anybody know the return policy with telus or bell? As far as i know the return policy with rogers is 15 days and 30 mins. Steve Jobs announced in his press conference, if your unhappy, return it within 30 days. Gotta sort that shit out..

  • All these upgrade horror stories just reaffirm how amazing it will feel to walk out of the Apple Store with an unlocked iPhone.

  • Appleman

    I think I'll probably HUP it for the moment, then sell it and buy an unlocked white one when it comes out.

  • Did you asked about ur canellation fee?
    I talked with a guy in June. He told about the ” new policy” of cancellation fee.
    I think it's fair enough.
    After two years you can upgrade to iPhone4.
    Here is the new formular of cancellation fee:

    Y= (# of months left on contract x 400$-credit given on contract term) / #of months of contract term.

    Example: you paid 199$ for 3GS last July on contract term 3 years(36 months). They gave you 400$ credit on my ur first bill. Today, you have to stay 2years(24months) more with Fido.
    The cancellation fee = (24 * 400)/36 = 266.67$

  • Sean

    Now that white iPhones are delayed do you still feel that people will be able to go into an Apple Store Friday after work or Saturday morning and still be able to get the i4? I'm just thinking since black is the only option now that they might sell out launch morning

  • Ex

    Launch weekend, yes.
    Launch morning, no.

  • Jacob

    EX- any ideas on the lines for friday at a local Telus store?

  • Ex

    Considering the lines we observed last year, maybe 5 people?

  • Guest

    Should AppleCare be purchased if you're buying the iphone locked to a carrier? or would the carrier be liable for any repairs?

  • Codeblue009

    dude r u serious i called fido like a week ago, they told me i can upgrade, they have a promo u get to HUP 14 (so just under 2 yrs into the contract) months before your contract is up….i also the 3g….and i even got it in september2008. so either they lied to me or to u, or ur in a different prov with diff rules, im in qc.

  • Brian

    Mmm…lunch day

  • cant say

    Bell Iphone 4 prices :

    16 GB : 159.99 $
    32 GB : 269.95 $

  • Colem

    HA ! No !

  • Stevestjs

    Unless he is a Apple CEO. He knows nothing.

  • Sushi

    It's just gonna feel real good to buy an unlocked phone and not have to sign with the devil for another three years.

  • Ex


    The carrier will send you to Apple!

  • HAHA

  • Belimse

    If I buy i4 at carrier store, i4 will be locked nomatter I buy it with contract or not. Am I understanding correctly?

  • rayyes

    Actually it will be unlocked. I had my Bell 3GS replaced by apple (warranty) for a factory unlocked one. They told me it is locked t Bell since my previous one was, but i tried about 4 different sim cards, and all worked (no jailbreak or unlock). I'm using it now with Fido πŸ™‚

  • Ralph

    That is correct

  • Jessica

    Does anyone know where to lineup? I am probably going to Fairview Mall at around 5am…do I just stand at the mall entrance? Or will we be allowed into the mall? im confused lol Thanks

  • Peter

    Does anyone know if when doing a HUP with Rogers, you have to reset the price point on your plan?

    That is, I am paying $35 for my voice+data plan. I don't want to have to reset to a voice+data plan with equivalent services for $65+.

  • TeenWolf

    I am definitely getting an unlocked phone. As it stands now Im $300 up. I paid 300 for the 3G and sold it for 400. Upgraded to the 3GS for 300 and now I sold my 3GS for $500 which covers most of the cost. My only dilemma is if I also want get a HUP and sell that phone for a profit. I kind of like the idea of being contract free and getting a retention plan. But I could sell the HUP iPhone for a $300 profit. Thoughts?

    Ps is best buy selling unlocked phones

  • Nice work!

    Contract free with an unlocked phone is foreign to Canadians. That's why some people don't see the benefits. That will all change fairly soon.

    Apple Stores only.

  • Bkushner

    Or you can sell the unlock in a year for good money and buy the iphone5 and sell the HUP one now. People will buy it since they won't have to buy a data plan with the HUP phone I may sell. I might prefer to keep the unlock one. Decisions. Either way, take the rebated HUP phone and unlocked. Unlocked are 1400 dollars on ebay.

  • Boobs'n'Guns

    If you are talking Fairview Pointe Claire, I am gonna get there at 4am. I figure I will do a lap in my car and find the line. I think it will be at the entrance near the EB games opposite the entrance for Winners. I think I'm officially nerdy.

  • Guest

    Just came from a visit to my local Best Buy, which is where I am getting my iPhone 4, however my husband and I have no idea what time we should be there Friday morning? Thoughts?

  • Ex

    That's a case of the GR not POSing the iPhone properly.

  • Colem

    4 or 5 am but depends where you live, keep close watch

  • Noahattic

    i think they just count me as i'm only 10 month into the contract. since my agreement of upgrading to iphone 3g just started in September 2009. it's really sad…. i love my fido plan, i'm happy with it. b/c the stupid hup & the trend of so many awesome phones coming in the several years, i think it's time for me to switch to rogers….

    btw, i'm living in vancouver, bc. the call center of fido is just few blocks away from my house…

  • Rx_8ight

    How did you manage to sell it for more than what you paid for??

  • :)

    lol dont believe me.
    just wait for it

  • Colem

    Ok i will wait, theres NO WAY that we are getting it less than the US, give me sources and ill believe you !

  • Noahattic

    i did ask about ECF. the csp told me it's $240. but i don't have to pay for my cancellation fee since i can always switch to rogers for free and start a new 3 year agreement just like a new customer. by doing this, i will lose my special voice plan + awesome data plan. they really gave me a hard time of choosing which way i should go…….

    i want a iphone and i want to keep my plan……

  • TeenWolf

    The price I paid was the subsidised price for signing a 3 year contract. I sold them for ,what I believed to be, there contract free value. This will be the first time I buy a phone for full price. But I know it will have a higher resale value come the iPhone 5 because of the factory unlock. So while some people think I'm crazy for shelling out $700-$800 for a phone. I'm actually only paying $200-$300. Still a lot. But easier to swallow than full price.

  • TeenWolf

    But do you think I should resign for a cheap phone and re-sell it for a profit?

  • TeenWolf

    All pricing will stay the same. Just your contract will be extended

  • Vartanarsen

    every now and then, one gets a piece of information that is analogous to icing on the cake, or sugar powder on the donut. And that info is the fact that for us americans taking roadtrips, it will actually be only $630 US…..i just realized!!!!! wahooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Sorry I was saying Fairview in Ontario

  • RTA

    not a chance, i guarantee they will be sold out by EOD Friday.

  • Guest

    London, Ontario. I hope it won't be too nuts.

  • xxJDxx

    Anyone know if we will be able to pre-order unlocked online from the apple online store? Would be nice to have it delivered on friday, and not have to drive 5 hours to the nearest apple store to pick it up in person…

  • Whiterhino14

    Yeah, but we are going to gouge you on gas every time you fill up : ) Heaven help you if you stop for a Canadian happy meal. The exchange rate won't save you then. I figure this trip will cost you about $34000 US

  • Parsa

    I have a 3 yr contract with rogers the contract ends this november can i buy it unocked and use it or do i have to wait till my contract ends

  • Vartanarsen

    hahaha Happy Meal in canada??? haha no thx

  • RileyFreeman

    sorry this line doesnt make sense

    “I checked with one of my Apple sources and the CBC prices are included with the $649/$749 '

  • skull


  • Anonymous

    they question is why on earth you’d pay $500 more for a phone that has a hardware unlock, when you could just use the software unlock via cydia once the official jailbreak is released and unlock is updated (we know its comming as we’ve seen videos of it working).

  • Denis Boisvert

    Oh oh ! The canadian Apple store webpage is on hold this morning (Tuesday). It says that they are busy and doing an update of their page ! Guess why? I think we will have the confirmation or not about the prices of the Iphone 4

  • PT

    This is for the rumoured new Imacs, Apple display and possibly magic trackpad.

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, I got super excited… and to my dismay, it's still the same ol' page with that taunting “notify me” button. Perhaps this afternoon?

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  • Mike S

    I talked to a Telus and they confired that these are the prices they are selling them for, now if your buying it outright as one pointed out in no way should you be locked there but if you get 300 back etc yes I can see them wanting to lock you in for 3…ouch. This is just me, but I feel there is going to be a pricing war on plans so sign in now cause I seem them tighting there belts on future plans.

  • Whiterhino14

    The Apple site goes down this morning and now it's back up. Guess what? The iphone 4 is COMING SOON! This has to be a US demoralizing plot to drive all 17 countries nuts to make us easy pickings for a take over. It seems that the Iphone 4 is much more than a smart phone, it's a modern day Trojan Horse!
    Apple, for the love of Steve, gimme my Iphone!!!!!

  • Frank

    I have actually already talked to carriers and im in the process of putting through a corporate plan.
    Those are the prices that were given to me.
    They just found about the prices yesterday apparently.

    I dont see why they would lie to me after taking payment details

  • Peter

    Thanks for the reply man. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • asdmd

    You should be able too, but just call Rogers to confirm your hardware upgrade. The answer most of your question in regards to iphone except release date and price, lol.

  • MadRussianMachine / iPhone4UnlockedForSale

    REALLY? How are people already selling these phones?

  • MadRussianMachine / iPhone4UnlockedForSale

    REALLY? How are people already selling these phones?

  • So you aren’t locked into ANOTHER 3 year contract with a terrible carrier?

  • So you aren’t locked into ANOTHER 3 year contract with a terrible carrier?

  • Jim

    Correct me if im wrong but….
    Whats the point of buying the phone outright? If it's going to cost you 600-800 bucks.
    Just so you don't have to SIGN a 2-3 Year contract…. BUT you'll still have to sign up to a plan anyway at the same cost of the plans that people got signing the 3 year contract?

    Is it simply because you can WALK AWAY/switch carriers anytime?
    I just don't see any savings in getting a phone outright if your happy with your provider.

    Lets assume the 16g goes for $199 on a 3 year. and outright its $659.
    Outright or on a contract plans are the same.
    Assuming you even get bored of the phone after 2 years and your happy with your provider, you can just upgrade and sign again….

  • Jacob

    Sweet! thanks alot.

  • Screw the big 3. I will never buy on a 3 (THREE!!!) year contract again.
    The only reason I ever would is because my team (Canadian Alpine Ski Team) has a free plan with Telus, but it's currently BlackBerry only. Once it's iPhone compatible I'll get on that but never for a real 3 year contract. It's robbery.

    When is the government going to step in to prevent the anti-competitive nature of the Canadian carriers?

  • Jarndt08

    Really? I was thinking of going to line up at my telus store here in edmonton at 4:30 AM, do you think that is unecessary?

  • Ex

    Oh ya. too early. But with limited stock, still show up early enough.

  • If I recall correctly you were absolutely sure it would cost $699.

  • JeFFz

    I have a question, i want to get the iphone 4 outright from apple store and i don't want to sign any data plan from rogers. Would apple or rogers be able to block data from going in/out of the iphone 4? Im currently on a basic rogers voice plan. Or will i still be risking getting data charges if i accidentally turn it on? Is it easy to block cellular data entirely using the iphone 4?

    I was thinking of getting the iphone 4 outright with no data plan since i will be travelling about 3-4 months every year and using a prepaid card during my trip.

  • Guest

    What are the payment options at apple store?
    Do they accept just US$ or just CAN$?

  • Ex

    Cdn cash only.
    Debit, credit, gift card

  • Guest

    Just one more question: If I pay using my debit card it must be from a Canadian bank? I have a checking account in Massachusetts with MC Debit card.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Ex

    Should be fine.

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  • guest

    I need 6 units but they sell just two per customer. There are two people offering to go with me and buy them but they wanna 100 dollars per unit, so I will spent 400 dollars more for 6 units. Should I do that or maybe try to be among the first customers at 7am and then rush to another store and another (I will be in Toronto, there are 4 stores there)? Do I have any chance to get them?

  • Bmc

    Yesterday I spoke to a Sales Rep at Wireless Etc. He advised that yes Apple and the major Carriers will be selling iPhone 4's unlocked but when you put a Carrier's sim card into the unlocked phone it will immediately lock to that phone and that you won't be able to use another Carrier's sim card if you should need to when traveling outside of Canada. If this is true then buying an unlocked phone is not worth the effort. Better to get on on a plan then have it jailbroken.

  • Ex


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  • Anonymous

    what carrier would you go to thats better? Rogers has the best customer service. regardless, any plan thats not on a contract is beyond crap, so you’d have to ANYWAYS lock yourself in.

  • Anonymous

    what carrier would you go to thats better? Rogers has the best customer service. regardless, any plan thats not on a contract is beyond crap, so you’d have to ANYWAYS lock yourself in.

  • tony

    yep, no problem, go to setting turn off cellular data πŸ™‚ then u will never access any data using cellular network πŸ™‚

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