CIRP Report Shows Apple’s Customers Tend To Be Richer, Younger & Better Educated Than Samsung’s



An interesting new study released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) indicates that Apple’s customers tend to be richer and better educated than Samsung’s (via Fortune). Also, the study reveals that over the past one year, 20% Samsung users switched to an iPhone, while only 7% Apple customers switched to Samsung, meaning the Cupertino company wins 3 times as many smartphone customers from Samsung as Samsung does from it.

Another interesting fact highlighted by the report is that given the theme of Samsung’s “next big thing” TV ad campaign, iPhone owners also tend to be younger than Galaxy users. The latest CIRP report is based on four quarterly surveys of smartphone buyers from July 2012 to June 2013. Each survey consisted of 500 subjects who purchased a mobile phone in the preceding 90 days.

Here are some of the report’s key findings:

  • 42% of Apple’s customers between July 2012 and June 2013 were upgrading from another iPhone
  • 43% of Samsung’s customers had previously owned an Android phone, but not necessarily one made by Samsung
  • Samsung drew more first-time smartphone buyers upgrading from so-called feature phones (37%) than Apple did (26%)
  • Among buyers who switched brands, Apple took three times as many from Samsung (33%) as Samsung took from Apple (11%)

The report also notes that Samsung drew more customers from HTC, Motorola and Nokia, while Apple drew more from Blackberry.

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  • Chrome262

    so they are all college drop outs? LOL. Kind of funny when you think that Steve Jobs dropped out of college and made the iPhone.

  • Kevin

    From my experience in the telco industry, the only reason why Samsung got off on its feet is due to the massive amount of money they spent on marketing. Most portion of that are used on giving spiffs to sales reps to promote them over iPhone and massive discounts to the hundreds of models they float the market with. It gave people who mostly care about price and didn’t know what they are getting a hard to make decision. They have utilized product saturation marketing tactics and pricing tactics well. The next cycle is to see massive number of consumers switching back to iPhone.

  • sam

    yeah right… like apple does not. Apple is all on marketing. you even have an hole in your carry case so everyone can see the logo! I saw the iphone tv ad twice during one break. When I switched my iphone 4s for my galaxy s4 it wasnt because of marketing but because of better specs. All my friends have also switched and we are not getting back with apple unless they give us a good reason. Multitask only is worth to have a samsung and maybe the 2gb ram. Btw my s4 was 415$ iphone5 325$ what did you say about the price? Samsung always push the limit of technology like Jobs tried in the 80’s. They produce high quality product deal with it.

  • Poseidon

    Only a fool would believe this trash.

  • Westben

    This news tidbit brought to you by the iFan Usman, who’s constant is, if it ‘disses ‘ Samsung, He will bring it too your attention.
    I wonder if he’s exposed to more than .1 SI per year in his career, it seems to affect his moral compass when it comes to Samsung.