Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Apple of Slowing Down iPhone 4s With iOS 9 Update


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Today, Apple was hit with a class action lawsuit seeking over $5 million in damages for deceptive trade practices and false advertising.

Plaintiff Chaim Lerman says he and other iPhone 4s owners became unable to use their devices after upgrading to iOS 9 as the update “significantly slowed down” their iPhones. Lerman also says that the update interfered with normal usage of the device.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs were forced to either live with a “slow and buggy” device that “disrupts every day life” or shell out hundreds of dollars for a new iPhone.

The plaintiffs argue that Apple failed to properly warn iPhone 4s users that the update would “significantly interfere” with the performance of their phones. When Lerman and other plaintiffs upgraded their devices, they noticed a significant drop in performance in both third-party apps and basic functions like using the Phone and Messages app.

Apple’s advertising, the plaintiffs allege, does not mention the potential of slowed performance for iPhone 4s users, instead focusing on performance improvements. The lawsuit points towards Apple’s iOS 9 website, which says the update brings “faster performance, improved security, convenient updates, and longer battery life.”

The plaintiffs argue that Apple must have known about the iPhone 4s’ slower performance from internal testing or other means and did not warn users about potential headaches in their advertising.

This isn’t the first time Apple has been accused of planning obsolescence, as the company was hit with a lawsuit in 2011 regarding the iPhone 3G and iOS 4.

[via Tech Insider]


  • Tim

    I have an iPhone 5, and it is slow also after I upgraded to iOS 9. Another friend who has never updated his iPhone 5 does not have the same problem even though he has more apps than I do.

  • A lot of the time, especially with large iOS updates like from 8 to 9, a simple factory reset and restore can often fix many of these issues. I’d give that a try, just don’t forget to backup to iTunes first so you don’t have to set everything up again.

  • OliChabot

    Don’t tell me a 4 years old cellphone is going slower with a significant update that is free and nin-necessary?

  • CapitainHarlock

    It’s not necessary iPhone 4S that gotten slowdown, my iPhone 6 Plus was rendered to an iPhone 5S speed. Where’s the lawsuit for preventing iOS downgrade?

  • CapitainHarlock

    In 4 years, you’re car manufacturer will provide you with software update and nagging you to update every time you get in the car and when you do, you’re Mercedes will be rendered to a speed of poney. You Ok! with that?

  • boilthebunny

    Lawyers love this. We may get a few bucks but the lawyer gets rich

  • Chrome262

    I have a 5s and experience not slow down. And did not do a fresh install.

  • Chrome262

    he is right though, other manufactures do it and no one is suing them. And a car has a longer life span then a phone. And Car regulations that would cut down power, like have been done in the past, don’t effect existing cars just future.

  • CapitainHarlock

    Ok! the life span of electronics was 5 years in 1990, it should still be 5 years 2016? With all the breakthrough the world as made in technology, the life span of electronics should be minimum 15 years. The size sould not affect the durability, A 55 inches TV should last as long as a 14 inches TV, smartphone should last as long as a computer and future electric cars should last as long to. We are and living in 2016, 1990 is long gone.

  • Riddlemethis

    I always get a good laugh when most people report performance issues with older devices running the latest OS. There will always be a few people who say otherwise. I think those few are referred to as blind as a bat. Lol.

  • Riddlemethis

    The lifespan is less. Mostly not only due to the mechanics or physics but software updates that overwhelm an older device. Older now means more than 8 months old.

  • CapitainHarlock

    Sad 🙁

  • This is done on purpose for them to make more money from new phones. But, people are slowing down with buying new phones. And Android is getting better. Hope Apple would slow down with their “awesome” features and useless updates.