CNN Election Commentators Hide iPads While Using Surface Pro 3 [PIC]


Following a recent partnership with CNN, Microsoft supplied the cable station with a handful of its new Surface Pro 3 tablets for the TV people to use. As a result, users who had tuned in to CNN’s live election coverage yesterday evening, might have noticed that all the commentators were using the new tablets given to them by Microsoft. Well, it turns out some of these commentators were just using the Surface tablets to hide their iPads (via GeekWire).

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As you can see above, a CNN commentator discussing the 2014 US mid-term elections is caught using the Surface Pro 3 as a mere kickstand for the iPad. 

Previously, Microsoft had to deal with NFL announcers who kept referring to the Surface tablets as iPad-like tools. Now it seems that Microsoft needs to do some coaching with the political talking-heads as well.

What do you say about this one guys?


  • artikas

    that surface makes a damn good kickstand

  • sukisszoze

    May be they just need to put tape all over the iPad..

  • Chrome262

    reoccurring theme with people not using the sponsored items. Like iPhones and Samsung. why use an inferior product.

  • Al

    I’m curious why they even need ANY sort of device on the desk in front of them. In the past, they would have large monitors behind camera or off to the side that would show them everything (I would assume) that they need to see. Which would also keep their heads up.

  • Also a great chopping board too I hear!

  • Phil

    I love my surface 3 pro. I actually no longer bring with me my ipad when travelling. One less thing to carry.
    Think of it:pple on the Ipad Pro will offer the same concept: iOS and OsX on the same machine.Microsoft have a winner.

  • FragilityG4

    For tweeting.

  • neodragon

    It’s all about personal preference, but in all honesty, a Surface Pro blows away an iPad in power and functionality. It’s runs a full desktop OS and is meant to compete with the Macbook Air more than the iPad.

  • I know it’s powerful but clearly it hasn’t resulted in record sales for Microsoft. Maybe they need to spend more on marketing, pull a Samsung and just give-er

  • neodragon

    Sales have actually increased steadily since the first generation. No, it’s not pushing iPad numbers, but it’s more of a niche device, and that niche is gradually getting bigger.