Consumer Reports: iPhone 6 “Not as Bendy as Believed”; New Uncut 6 Plus Bend Test [VIDEO]


Consumer Reports‘ scientific testing has concluded Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are much stronger than so called “bend-gate” would lead you to believe, as they used a three-point flexural test with a high precision Instron machine.

Here are their conclusions:

All the phones we tested showed themselves to be pretty tough. The iPhone 6 Plus, the more robust of the new iPhones in our testing, started to deform when we reached 90 pounds of force, and came apart with 110 pounds of force. With those numbers, it slightly outperformed the HTC One (which is largely regarded as a sturdy, solid phone), as well as the smaller iPhone 6, yet underperformed some other smart phone

Here’s the full chart of the results:


Here’s the video clip from Consumer Reports:

Part 2: Uncut iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Video

The media jumped on “bend-gate” after Canadian YouTube channel Unbox Therapy released a bend test video (some questioned its authenticity) which demonstrated an iPhone 6 Plus being bent on camera. Apple responded to the so-called controversy by inviting media to its quality testing labs to share how it performs iPhone 6 stress tests.

After being challenged to prove the iPhone 6 Plus bend test was indeed real, the channel has now posted an uncut bend test filmed in downtown Toronto in front of live fans. Check it out below:

His second test sure does show the iPhone 6 Plus bending faster than the first video.

The bottom line: treat your valuable electronics with care and bending won’t be a problem. Why? Because common sense.

Is “bend-gate” over now?


  • Riddlemethis

    Maybe the above numbers will increase the resale value for the iPhone 5? lol.

  • HeySamantha

    Good lord, that’s even more terrifying than the other video ….

  • cdnchinaman

    I don’t know about everyone else but my phone is always in a case and in a holster when it isn’t in use and therefore as “scary” as this video is, it hasn’t made me doubt for even a second my decision to get the 6 Plus. You should worry if you are clumsy by nature or you actually intend on putting that kind of force on your phone. Otherwise there is no need to worry. Common sense… Biggest phone that’s more delicate means you cannot treat it or use it the same (put in pockets and not worry) as previous ones that were more bulky and therefore tougher.

    I’ve been using my 6 Plus since launch day and no bending of any sort because I don’t abuse my phone. If you’re worried about it from this video, don’t buy it so others who are waiting for it can get theirs sooner. 🙂

  • Scott Belbin

    thats because it is made of aluminum like the m8 which is a softer metal! the moto x is not! just around the edging!

  • Scott Belbin

    amen brother! like who is going to do that to there phone! the only people who this will probably happen to are the ones who put there phone in there back pocket and forget about, then sit on it buy mistake! that i don’t understand! this is a total deja vu of the iPhone 5 all over again! bendgate the sequel!

  • RyleyLamarsh

    I’ve got an iPhone 6+ on order and am still concerned. It’s a little disheartening to see what is supposed to be a premium phone, will bend so easily. I can imagine it eventually bending to a small degree. Even a very small amount of bending will bother me. The big question will be how Apple deals with this issue. Will I be able to trade my phone in if my phone starts to flex?? I hate to say it, even though this issue is overblown, it might turn me off of the iPhone 🙁

  • cdnchinaman

    Actually this bendgate thing did affect my buddy because he puts his phone in his pockets so he ended up going for the 6 instead of the Plus like me but still Apple. These videos are meant to scare people who are not Apple users in hopes they stick with Android. Existing Apple users would use videos like this for reference more than anything else. Apple has already gone out and stated the obvious which was that if your phone actually bent due to a defect, they’d take care of you. I am loving the attention that everyone is giving Apple. This is only helping. More investors will buy Apple stock since it dropped and will laugh once it goes back up after the phones are released worldwide and they sell out! 😉

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Everyone can be a little clumsy with their phones at times. After a year or two with a phone, we all start to get a little complacent. I want to know that my phone won’t flex or bend in the slightest degree, even after a few years use. I love the iPhone but I truly think that Apples obsession with making the iPhone thin has caught up with them.

  • Seriously I’ve had no issues with my 6 Plus, but I’m not going to be putting the phone through silly bend tests or sitting down on it in the back pocket without knowing.

  • RyleyLamarsh

    I hope you’re right Gary. I want this phone so badly and I know I’m going to love it. If there’s one thing I hate more then anything, it’s buyers remorse. How’s your battery doing after the update?

  • Flaxx

    Wow! I’m sorry, but that IS a problem, no matter what Apple or any of you say! I’ve canceled my iPhone 6+ order and going with the iPhone 6. I don’t know how that chart can possibly say the iPhone 6+ is stronger! Something is seriously wrong with that data!

  • cdnchinaman

    It won’t bend under normal use. Consumer reports just ran their own test and the phone could handle 90 lbs of pressure before deforming. 110 lbs before the screen separates from the phone itself. I don’t know about your usage but I’m pretty certain most people won’t be putting that kind of force on their devices and so unless you plan on putting that kind of weight on it, I don’t see a problem… But again, if you’re concerned don’t buy it so my friends could get theirs sooner lol

  • cdnchinaman

    No worries, that’s what my buddy did after this bending video came out. He went with a 6 instead of the Plus because he puts his phone in his pockets. I’ve had no issues with my Plus and I’ve had it since day 1 and normal every day use. You’ll still love the phone. I have gotten so used to the Plus that I can’t use anything smaller. 😉

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Hahaha. Hell no. Mines already on order. I know I’m gonna love the phone. I’ll say though that my current iphone 5 had a very slight bend in it after a few years use. I guess this is why this whole thing bugs me.

  • NoOneCares

    I didn’t think the first video was faked. But when you combine the Consumer Reports results with how easy he bent it the second time – I’m tempted to call fake on the second. The phone in the video could very easily have been a Chinese fake. We never saw it unboxed and it was already powered on before he took the wrapper off.
    I don’t doubt that the phone can be bent by hand but I’m keeping mine and I’m not worried about Apple standing behind it if I have a problem.

  • Flash

    It didn’t even drop much and almost rebounded completely back today.

  • Waiting for 6+

    Well said!

  • Battery life is way better after setting up as a new iPhone. Thanks to iCloud, contacts and pictures etc came back easily, just had to redownload apps, tweak settings etc. but it leaves a lean phone!

  • MichaelYYZ

    I’ve got an iPhone 6 Plus and I can tell you that it feels very stiff and sturdy. I even went to the Apple Store and tried to bend some of the iPhones on display and, with normal force, I couldn’t. In fact, my iPad Air is significantly more flexible than the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • arkv

    there is something fishy about the consumer reports data: the htc m8 scored the lowest even though the shape and depth look to be more sturdy than the iphones, also the regular iphone 6 scored lower than the iphone 6 plus even when it size is a lot smaller.

  • Steve

    You don’t doubt that the phone can be bent by hand, yet you think the Lewis’ second video is fake. Huh?

  • cdnchinaman

    That’s the exact case I’ve ordered and am waiting for. Like I said, always have my phone in a case and holster, never in pocket unless it’s my suit jacket pocket or inside jacket pocket in which case it’ll never have any “pressure” put on it. Take care of your phone and it’ll be of no concern.

  • HooDatty

    What a hack. Stop giving this reject clicks, Gary.

  • Is this guy paid from Motorola ??? I’m sorry even this new update is totally crap…
    Everything will have a weak spot… just need to press on it… Look how carefully this guy is placing if fingers on the iPhone and apply the pressure….
    So yes, it’s a weakness on the iPhone…. But what’s the odd that you’ll put pressure on it…

    It’s exactly if you try to push and make someone fall… everybody got a center of gravity… but if i push on the right place, you’ll fall… Same thing with the bending of phone.

    So can we move on ??? If’a big phone… if it’S too big for your pocket… don’t sit on it… or don’t buy…. so many people are trying to get one anyway….

    I can’t wait that we start to talk about all the cool features of iOS 8 and how great these phones are…. 🙂 because they are !!!

  • Shickacka

    Seriously dude. so you telling me you check your iphone in which pocket every time before you sit

  • NoOneCares

    Where’s your confusion? I believe it can be bent by hand but nowhere near as easily as the second video shows. Consumer Reports said it takes 90 pounds of force- he didn’t use more than 25 in that video. I was reflecting further on that video last night – he claims it’s a brand new phone – but it’s already powered on and has been run through a setup (it wasn’t showing the “Hello” screen that should be there on a new phone). I may have to go back and take a look at what icons are on the home screen- that may cast more doubt on his claims. Also – if CR shows the 6 as being easier to bend – why was it so much harder for him to bend? Doesn’t pass the sniff test.

  • NoOneCares

    You don’t have to check- the phone is huge – you can feel it and you couldn’t sit down with it in your back pocket and not know.

  • NoOneCares

    It might make a difference which side of the phone the pressure is applied to. CR applied pressure to the screen – the HTC’s shape wouldn’t help it in that case. I also think that’s the more likely side for pressure to come from in a pocket – at least for me – I always place the screen closest to my body – that’s the most natural positioning and doesn’t expose the screen to getting hit by something that hits your leg (or butt if that’s where you carry yours).

  • Anthony

    No he probably just doesn’t put his phone in his back pocket.

  • Yujiza

    I’m not sure why nobody is bringing this up, but this is primarily my concern.

    Of course you’ll bend almost any phone with force or sitting on it by accident in your back pocket, or extremely tight jeans.

    I’m the guy who wears loose baggy jeans, and have my phone it in my front left pocket. I’m not expecting a bend in an afternoon, but my legs are round after all. With such ease of bending; I’m worried over time along with the malleable metal; will the phone begin to slightly take shape of my leg over time creating that ever so annoying crooked desk effect?

    What do you guys think?

  • WatDah

    I’m not a violent person, but somehow I wanna punch this guy in the face.

  • WatDah

    I think you’re thinking too much. Just take care of your belongings and enjoy your purchase.

    The ones complaining the most are the ones who’s not even getting an iPhone. So go figure.

  • Nicolas

    I set it to restore from iCloud backup when I first used it, isnt it OK? Should I have done it as a new iPhone ? I have like 20-40% of battery left after a day of usage

  • I totally agree with WatDah…. Each phone got also some weak spot… As I wrote earlier…. look how this guy is putting pressure on a specific small spot… and he’s really meticulous about it…..

    But sadly if you are to worry about every single minute of having the iPhone 6 in your pocket… i suggest to get another phone… 🙂
    I just can’t wait that people start to talk about how great this phone is…. because it is… so stop worrying, take care of it and everything will be fine at the end 🙂

  • That should be fine. But in my case I had a serious battery drain problem. How many hours of usage is that at the end of the day?

  • daftchemist

    Apple’s just looking to stop guys from putting phones in their front pockets because it reduces your sperm count. Thanks Apple. Looking out for the little guys.

  • WatDah

    Thanks. This day and age, the younger generation is so used to having things being spoon fed to them, their sense of entitlement is way over their heads. They are getting dumber, and they whine about non-issues when it doesn’t even concern them, and it gives them that false sense of involvement and superiority. Why can’t we just be happy and enjoy what we can afford?

    Soon, phones will be required to make them food and wipe their asses too.

  • HooDatty

    Same here. He just has this smuck, digme smirk on his face that’s crying for a fist full of have some. Sad but true.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Well yeah if they are unhappy with it why would they buy it? Common sense…,

  • xxxJDxxx

    If you want to bury your head in the sand and not worry about it then stop watching the videos. I find it strange how fan boys are getting mad about people being concerned about this.

  • WatDah

    What I meant was, people who are not planning to buy in the first place are the ones making a big fuss about it.

  • Steve

    I’ve seen the fakes, examined the video, and it’s definitely not a fake. See the case video I posted in the other comment, they were able to slightly bend the 6 Plus even with a case on. Bending it with the case off would be much easier. Also, if you are going to put on a nut job tin foil hat and claim some kind of conspiracy is going on, you have to look at it at all angles. You say his video is fake, yet believe believe the CR review as the absolute truth. Apple could of very well paid a large some of money to Consumer Reports to fabricate their review.

  • Anon

    Like you can tell how many pounds of force he used with his hands lol. Two forces in opposing directions simultaneously. He’s pushing in with his thumbs while and opposite direction with his fingers. You can easily generate 90+ lbs that way.

  • Nicolas

    Here is after a day of light weekend use (didn’t leave home). It still dropped by 42% to 58% left. Think it’s in the normal range ?

  • That should be okay but what are the numbers from settings–general–Usage–battery usage?

  • NoOneCares

    No I can’t tell precisely, but I can tell he’s not working hard enough to generate 90 pounds of force. Pick up a bathroom scale and try to generate 90 pounds of force with your thumbs it’s not easy. 90 pounds of grip from the edges is not so bad, but not with your hands in the position he used. Besides, 90 pounds was just the amount of force to bend it enough that it wouldn’t spring back. It was 110 to bend it like he did.

  • Nicolas

    You can see it on the screenshot I posted on my previous message 🙂

  • NoOneCares

    That case wasn’t stiff enough to make any difference against that type of bending. He bent the case easily and was barely able to bend the phone at all. Nice coincidence that he’s “teaming up with Spigen” though. :). But if anything, that makes me believe Lewis even less. Where did the tin hat conspiracy card come from? Just because I believe an organization like Consumer Reports over a single vlogger? Way easier to pay off one guy than a whole organization. But I’m not suggesting that anyone was paid off. I just don’t believe the second bend video was a real iPhone. Funny that you’d accuse me of being a conspiracy nut for not believing that Apple and Consumer Reports are working together to suppress the “truth” about the iPhone 6 plus based on an Internet video – wow.

  • Steve

    Your whole fake 6 Plus theory is based solely on him bending the phone too easily, nothing else. Point out some details on the phone itself in the video that proves it is not real. Otherwise, your’re just blowing smoke.

  • Ah, was reading that comment via email and the image doesn’t show up via email 😉

    Anyways, that looks like it’s not bad for 4.5 hours of use–there’s enough juice to last you into the next day, which was never a possibility with the 5s with heavy usage.

  • Ronin

    Guys, the week point in the iPhone 6 Plus is near the volume buttons. Look at the picture in the above article for proof. It probably only requires 40-50 lbs at that weak spot, to bend it. Notice in both of Lewis’ videos, that his thumbs aren’t exact in the middle of the phone, but off from the side of the middle. One thumb being in line with the volume. In both videos, that’s exactly where the phone bends, at the volume button. The Consumer Reports has the pressure point dead center of the phone, which really doesn’t disprove anything because it’s not near the failure point.

  • NoOneCares

    Once again, not a theory, just an opinion. I can’t prove or disprove it based on a low quality video. I can certainly be doubtful when he makes claims that are obviously false. Brand new sealed iPhone. Why bother to make such a bold claim when it’s obvious that the phone is not fresh out of the box – it’s not showing the Hello screen, it’s already been set up, so how do we know what else might have been done to it. If you are trying to prove once and for all that you are legit, don’t start out with an obviously misleading statement. You have to know that someone will notice and call attention to it. Without being able to physically examine the phone, no-one can be sure either way. So all we are left with is what we choose to believe. I choose not to believe Lew, you choose to believe him. In the end, it doesn’t even matter to me whether he really bent it that easily or not. I’m still glad I chose to get the 6 Plus and I’m putting it in my pocket every day with no worries. If it bends, Apple will replace it, and I’ll move on.

  • WatDah


  • Pedro

    This is so fraud!!!!!!!!! he changes the phone!

  • Farids

    Am I the only one thinking why these crazy people buy these beautifully designed works of art, and apply so much pressure that bends and breaks them? I spend so much money and buy cases and screen protectors to keep my phone away from harm, and these crazy people do the opposite. Instead of iPhone integrity, someone should check these people’s insanity!!! Or has it got something to do with release of Samsung’s latest product? Samsung changed the release date to slow the iPhone 6 sales, and their ads always “down” iPhones to “up” the competing Samsung models. They also overblew the antenna-gate and the camera bug on iPhones. Healthy competition, Samsung style!!!

  • Yujiza

    Oh, I’m sorry if I gave away the idea I didn’t want to buy it.

  • Mark Roberts

    Ughh. Cases are on iPhones make zero sense to me. It’s like painting over a masterpiece painting or something.