Costco Has $100 iTunes Cards for 20% Off Again


If you’re looking to save on digital purchases and subscriptions from Apple, such as iCloud or Apple Music, the best way is to fund your account with iTunes cards when they’re on sale.

Starting today, Costco has again launched their 20% off sale on $100 iTunes Multipacks (4 x $25), in-store. Online, they are priced at $83.99, which includes free shipping. The $4 markup online may save you the agony of driving to Costco, dealing with line ups and also a $500 buggy full of things you don’t need (and an impulsive poutine, hot dog and a pop).

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In-store image via

Again, if you have subscriptions like Netflix, Apple Music, iCloud and Sportsnet Now being funded from your iTunes account, this sale will make you save every month, including in-app purchases too (along with purchases of music, apps, movies, etc).

The sale online goes from today until March 10, 2017. Let us know if you’re going to pick some up!


  • warpdrive

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up Gary!

  • Cheers! Love it when this promo comes back.

  • Tommy

    Can you convert these to apple gift cards to purchase hardware?

  • sarge

    No these are for apps/books/music/movies/TV shows only


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  • Allan

    I cannot find where it says the price is $4.00 cheaper at the Costco store. just wondering. If I don’t hear anything, I’m going to Costco Friday !


  • Matt

    They are $80 in stores. Just went in and picked one up last night.

  • bbousquet

    Costco in store prices are usually lower than the online ones (which include shipping and are available to non members).

  • Hi Allan, just updated our post with a picture that shows the $79.99 price in-store. Also, be sure to follow this site for Costco in-store deals, it’s awesome:

  • BigCat

    That’s a good site!

    Thanks Gary.

  • McHuman

    Just in time for Tax time.. now I can pay my taxes in gift cards and get a 20% reduction!!

  • Lol