CRTC Unveils New Regulations for TV Service Providers


Canadians can expect clearer TV bills from cable and satellite companies thanks to the new Code the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) unveiled today.


Canadians have complained that companies don’t always provide clear information about service packages and pricing. To address that complaint, the CRTC first published a draft Code, but the final version of the rules forces the players to provide customers with information in a clear and easy-to-understand format; clearly set out the duration of promotional offers and the regular price once the discounts end; and give 30 days’ notice to customers in the event of a change in the price of channels, bundles of channels, or rental equipment, among others.

Under the new Code, people with disabilities will have access to a 30-day trial period. Also, starting in March, the CRTC will require providers to offer basic packages of channels for $25 per month, alongside the option of buying individual channels or small bundles, the Star reports.

The new Code will be mandatory on September 1, 2017, so companies will have enough time to prepare their systems and processes to comply with the new rules.


  • Mr Dog

    This will be nice.

    We only watch sports on Cable. so $25 + another $25 for sports channels would be so awesome.

    The current packages start at $45 and there is so much useless crap

  • bbousquet

    The providers have 18 months to come up with new ways to gouge their customers. I don’t expect much improvement as they’ll find (and use) all loopholes in the regulation.

  • Joe

    It will be just like when they forced cell phone companies to switch over to 2-year contracts. It’s a good idea, but unless you can also prevent them from raising their prices I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Tim

    you’re forgetting about the receiver rental and whatever new fees Rogers, Bell and Shaw decide to come up with.

  • Mr Dog

    it doesnt matter, now instead of $45 + carrier charges it will be $25 + carrier charges.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    wasnt a la carte supposed to be implemented this year?

  • AnotherCableVictim

    You don’t understand how these large monopolies work, do you?
    Forget what they say and watch what they do: increase your cable bill. They’ll use all sorts of buzzwords to make it sound like this is good for you… At the end of the day, this is better for them, the end result being a higher bill to you and increased profits.