CRTC Releases 5-Minute Guide on How Canadians Can Participate in Proceedings


Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has published a guide to help Canadians understand how to participate in proceedings.

This initiative is part of a number of steps the CRTC is taking to make it easier for Canadians to take part in its public proceedings. This includes better informing Canadians about what the CRTC does and reaching out to Canadians in diverse ways, whether by translating some documents in American Sign Language and Langue des signes québecoise or through short videos posted on YouTube. These efforts are aimed at trying to connect with Canadians on issues that affect their daily lives. According to Statistics Canada, communication services represent the fifth largest family expense for Canadian households. The CRTC wants citizens to make informed choices and get the most out of their investment.

Here is a chart that provides a list of concerns which were pointed out by citizens and a list of what the CRTC did to address the issues:


The CRTC is encouraging Canadian citizens to provide comments and feedback to help improve telecommunications in Canada.

Canadians can participate by writing a letter to the CRTC, giving them a call, sending a fax, fill out an online form, engaging in conversations on Twitter, and more. All the details can be found on this page.

[via CRTC]


  • JB

    When you told us this… The big three are robbing us blind
    We did this…

  • CG

    “We made it mandatory to broadcast commercials at the same volume as regular programming.” Ummmmm…. no. I was commenting to my daughter just last night about this.

  • lusky3

    As long as it’s a digital broadcast, the sound must be balanced to an average dB. This also doesn’t apply to American stations either.

  • Konrad Checinski

    Wow what a great list of improvement! NONE of those things relate to the telecommunications MONOPOLY in canada! None relate to price gouging and inferior service! Good job CRTC!!! You sure helped out!

  • Konrad Checinski

    So since no one watches Canadian channels, its yet another wonderful improvement that is totally USELESS!!!

  • lusky3

    Pretty much. But the US has a volume leveling restriction in place as well. It’s called the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act. It should have already taken affect too. Any volume discrepancies need to be reported.