Customers Can’t Sue Apple Over Cracked iPhone Displays, Says Court


Just the thought of cracking my iPhone’s display has me cringing. The display on my iPhone has only cracked once, courtesy of my cat pushing it off the table. Luckily the Apple Genius Bar fixed it free of charge, on the other hand though, some customers have had a more aggravating experience with Apple.

In a lawsuit against Apple, Betsalel Williamson had to pay to replace his cracked iPhone 4 screen. The process isn’t cheap either, a simple glass replacement is $29, but if the housing breaks it could cost nearly $199.

In court, Williamson argued that Apple advertised the iPhone 4 glass as “20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic . . . ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever.” A study examined the iPhone 4 glass and found the shatter rate was 82% higher than past iPhone models, in-which was a main topic in court.

Judge Edward Davila sided with Apple, arguing “it is a well known fact of life that glass can break under impact.” I agree with the judge’s statement, but Apple shouldn’t have advertised the glass as being tougher.

During the case, Judge Davila also testified that an iPhone without a case was more vulnerable than a protected iPhone. But should consumers really need a case to protect their iPhone? I hate the extra bulk many cases add.

[via Gigaom]


  • fordomatic69

    BS. Manufacturers have to start taking responsibilities for the claims they make. Judge probably gets “freebies”

  • K3

    “that a iPhone without a case was more vulnerable than one without.” mean with?

    Was it Oakley that used to market glasses as having the ability to survive a bullet? Maybe Apple needs to start shooting it’s product to make some people happy.

  • Ex

    Stop dropping your devices. Wake up.

  • Kj

    Why would anyone waste the courts time with such garbage….just saying

  • Apple_Blows

    Well of course you aren’t allowed to sue Apple, only Apple is allowed to sue people. Hello, wake up people.

  • Clay

    It was Oakley. There used to be a bike store in my town that had a pair of M frames in a display case that they had shot with a shotgun at 12 yards. It didn’t penetrate the lens.