Do Turn by Turn Directions in Maps on iOS 6 Work in Canada?


Earlier we showed you a quick video preview of the new updated Siri coming in iOS 6, with tuned language support for Canadian English and French, along with local search support. We’ve had numerous queries asking about turn-by-turn directions in iOS 6 within the Maps app in Canada. Turn-by-turn directions appear within Maps, BUT…

  • …they don’t adjust to your route as you’re driving
  • …Siri doesn’t ‘speak’ out directions at all
  • …routes do not re-adjust when you take a wrong turn

At this point in time, we must keep in mind beta means beta. Who knows what the final version of iOS 6 will bring, but from what we know turn-by-turn directions don’t work in Canada right now. The turn by turn feature in Maps is only available for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad.

On a side note, one of our readers commented he reportedly spotted vehicles decked out in TOM TOM logos travelling westbound on the Trans Canada highway ‘west of Regina’ last week. The vehicles were equipped with large antennas on the roof that looked like camera lenses affixed to them, similar to what a Google Street View car looks like. We have been unable to confirm this report yet.

Could this be part of Apple’s plan to build their own ‘Street View’? If you spot any TOM TOM vehicles in Canada, let us know.

Update 1: Looks like two other readers have spotted this mysterious Tom Tom car in Mississauga (today) and the south end of Ottawa (a week ago). Keep your eyes peeled and let us know, thanks!


  • northernpenguin

    The directions are plain wrong in the Toronto area. Lots of errors around 407, 410 with instructions to leap off or onto expressway bridges or make illegal turns.

  • xxJDxx

    I hope so. I will DEFINITELY miss street view in google maps. One of the best ideas in a long time.

  • Ryan

    Uhhh… Why would vehicles decked out with TomTom logos be a part of Apple’s plan to add Street View? Wouldn’t that be part of TomTom’s plan to add their own Street View? I’m baffled as to where Apple comes in to that scenario…

  • Apple uses Tom Tom data in their maps. Tom Tom won’t say much, but it’s a partnership as they revealed in last week’s press release.

  • StcMedia

    I saw that Tom Tom car in the south end of Ottawa a week or two ago.

  • Milan P

    Damnit, I saw a car today in Mississauga, Ontario, with what looked like a camera attached to its roof. It was definitely not one of the google cars, that much I know. Wish I had paid closer attention and maybe taken a picture.

    The intersection was Cawthra & Rathburn Rds.

  • jin

    what is the point of having turn by turn navigation if it doesn’t read it out to you?

  • neodoru

    …they don’t adjust to your route as you’re driving – they do… u must press the arrow.

  • Interesting. Please keep an eye out and get that camera ready, thx!

  • Really…also decked out in Tom Tom graphics? Was it a VW?

  • Were you able to hear Siri speak directions?

  • neodoru

    Nope 🙁

  • Ben

    I can confirm that I saw a Tom Tom car in Montreal as well. Roughly Ave du Parc and Mont Royal to be specific. I’m hoping to be in the imagery 🙂

  • Ranjan

    I saw that Tomtom car a month ago in Ottawa Same like google street view car

  • Ben

    I should add that this was about a week or two ago as well. I thought it was a google car and ran after it (it was moving through a congested street). I noticed the Tom Tom labels and thought I’d likely never see the results since I don’t use their products, but it appears that I may indeed be wrong about that if this makes it’s way to Apple’s maps.

  • Pauley

    Saw a TOM TOM car in Oakville last week. Drove right by my house. Street view I’m sure.

  • draz

    Google Street View vehicles have cameras all around it for a 360 view. If the TOM TOM one looked like the van in this Engadget link then it’s probably roaming the streets to make sure the road signs and other things are up to date in their data base.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Don’t care, because Waze is better, and is free.

  • Waze data is also being used in Apple Maps.

  • Shorty_dammit

    Who knows where, or how. Doesn’t change the fact that Waze is still better, and always uses Waze data.

  • Waze is a great service, no doubt but we’ll have to wait for the final version of Apple Maps to come to our final conclusion.

  • Marco

    Yes, saw a Tom Tom van like the one described in Rue Ste Catherine the week of the Grand Prix du Canada.

  • ben

    I’m hoping that jailbreaking will allow us to keep both mapping options.

  • ReverendChez

    Waze?! NavFree maybe. Waze was the single worst navigational app I’ve ever used.

  • True. Hope it is included in the final release.

  • Gasal

    A Tom Tom vehicle was driving around Newmarket on Tuesday.

  • northernpenguin

    I noticed now in iOS6b2 that most of that has been corrected. I also recognized some of the Waze content causing the issues – I recognized areas in Waze I tried to fix up last year showing up in the Apple iOS6b1 maps.