Dropbox to Shut Down Mailbox and Carousel Apps in 2016


Well this was really unexpected. Dropbox has announced it will shut down their apps Mailbox and Carousel. Why?

Over the past few months, we’ve increased our team’s focus on collaboration and simplifying the way people work together. In light of that, we’ve made the difficult decision to shut down Carousel and Mailbox.

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This means Mailbox will be shut down on February 26th, 2016. According to the FAQ, on that day the service will just stop and logins will not be possible. Your Auto-swipe Patterns will be deleted, but until then you can go to Settings > Auto-swipe to export your Patterns.

As for your Snoozed labels, they will be deleted and emails returned to your inbox. Your Lists will remain as existing labels in Gmail and folders in iCloud. Your drafts in Mailbox will be deleted, so you will need to manually retrieve them.

Other notes:

  • Dropbox also states Mailbox will not be open sourced.
  • As for your bonus 1GB Dropbox space for signing up, that will not be lost.
  • Development will cease on December 7, 2015

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As for Carousel, it will be shut down on March 31st, 2016. Once the app ceases to work, your photos will still remain safe within Dropbox. The company says there will be a way for users to export conversations or shared albums “early next year”, either to Dropbox or to a .zip file.

As for the 3GB bonus Dropbox space for signing up and using Carousel to backup, that will remains for users.

This is unfortunate to hear this news from Dropbox, as we enjoyed using Mailbox. What are your thoughts on the shutdown of these popular apps?

[via The Verge]


  • sukisszoze

    Man, that sucks. I don’t use Mailbox but Carousel was a secondary backup service for me in addition to iCloud. It’s always a good idea to have at least two backup sources! I guess I have to use Flickr now.

  • ipostic

    I enjoy Google Photos for my backups on iOS. Try it.

  • Eric

    Darn – I also use Carousel routinely, and it worked well as a shared photo backup for my wife and I. I guess Google Photos it is…

  • sukisszoze

    Actually, I also back them up to Google Photos too..forgotten about them since it just works in the background.

  • ipostic

    I know right? That’s the beauty of it. IMO, that’s how any photo backup should work – on it’s own in the background without any user input requirement.

  • Bafoon

    For the snooze/swipe users – there is no reason to use the Mailbox app when you have the Spark email app by readdle around. I’ve switched months ago and haven’t looked back.

    I’ll give credit where its due – and Mailbox played its cards real nice – remmeber the month long queue to get permission to download the app. Great advertising.

    But ever since the Spark debut – it is all you need as a power

  • Spark is real nice. It’s too bad they had to remove their read receipts feature. From what we’re hearing, that was at the request of Apple.

    What I liked about Mailbox was how quickly it received Gmail push notifications, at times even faster than Gmail for iOS.

  • Bafoon

    have you noticed significant enough delays between Spark and Mailbox – I’ll be honest I’ve not. But then again I don’t run a blog 🙂 so I don’t get inundated with 100’s of emails of various forms.

    Also, I’ve had read receipts since day 1 download – it was folks who deleted the app and redownloaded them that lost this feature (and of course net new users). And yes, I LOVE this feature!

  • The delays aren’t huge, but with Mailbox, Gmail and Spark, I always noticed Mailbox would get some notifications first by a few seconds. Not really a huge deal.

    Doh, wish I still had it :/

  • Dezumondo

    Well that was a $100+ million experiment down the tube.

    Have you tried Google Inbox?

  • Dezumondo

    Does Google Photos backup a lot of junk/temporary screenshots that you’ll have to go clean up later?

  • ipostic

    Unfortunately it does. I usually go through the Google backup every month and delete all the junk photos. It’s easy to select multiples on desktop or the phone. I don’t find it annoying but rather happy that it backups all photos right away in case something happens to my phone.

  • Dezumondo

    Thank you.

  • Naqib Ehsan

    It doesnt backup in the background. I always have to launch the app for it to too that.

  • jef-FRY

    Are you using iPhones? Why isn’t iCloud Photo Storage/Stream/Albums an option?

    I have no use for it, but, my friend had an “album” that i was subscirbed to and I could see everything he posts on there; all within the iOS Photos app. It even sent me notifications when he posted something new, and i could comment on each photo.

  • Dezumondo

    iCloud is a first level of backup. We’re talking about redundancy.