Early iPhone 4 Reviews Hit the Web


With the early arrival of some iPhone 4 shipments in the US today (click here for hands on videos/unboxing), it looks like Apple’s press embargo on iPhone 4 units has been lifted.

The usual suspects got their hands on an early iPhone 4 for review, and to nobody’s surprise Gizmodo was left out of the game (gee, I wonder why). Was it worth it for them to write the biggest story of the decade, to only be shunned by Apple for the rest of time?

Here are the early iPhone 4 reviews that have hit the web:

You’ll notice that most of these reviews praise the iPhone 4’s screen and build quality. But of course, when Apple sends you their latest gadget to play with early in advance, you’re going to write a happy review. Regardless, the iPhone 4 looks like it is the smartphone to lead the pack once again.

Now excuse me while I go lounge on the couch with my iPad to catch up on some reading.


  • Read the Engadget review earlier, pretty good writeup. I agree about a poor camera and not having 64GB capacity, but overall it looks like a pretty good phone. I'd say it's a good competitor to the HTC EVO.

  • ok9519218

    This is getting ridiculous, the public is getting their hands on the phone already and a country thats had simultaneous release for all other iphones doesnt even have a release date yet?! Come on Apple, whats going on?????

  • You And Me

    this is what happened between Big 3's & Apple
    APPLE : how about early upgrade ? so the customers can get their IPHONE 4
    Big 3's : nope
    APPLE : how about unlocked iphones to Canada ?
    Big 3's : ???????

  • Hahaha well put

  • BRUCElee45

    Yup, it is a good competitor to the HTC EVO….that s a good one

  • MR

    Nothing terribly surprising in the reviews. The jello/wobble/jitter in the videos is very unfortunate, however… what a shame. Still, I plan on this being my first iPhone, and I plan on using it as my primary camera for stills and video.

  • djepsilon

    I'm making a prediction: Apple announces iPhone 4 release date for Canada fittingly on everyones favourite holiday… CANADA DAY!!!!

  • Ari

    i sure hope so
    Announced: July 1st
    Release: July 2nd 🙂 works' for me!

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