Facebook Deals Now Available In Canada For iPhone


For those waiting to take advantage of Facebook Deals, the service is now available in Canada for iPhone. The service allows users to “Check In” to receive discounts at various Canadian retailers.

Users must first check into Facebook Places and then search for a discount. An alternative is if you’re at a participating store, a message will be pushed to your device with a specific discount.

At this time, there are 11 companies that have signed up as participating members of Facebook Deals. For example, WIND Mobile and TELUS both have deals:

Wind Mobile:

  • Check into Facebook Places at 20 select Wind Mobile retail locations across Canada, and get a $20/m Infinite Laptop Plan – unlimited Internet surfing and texting in any WIND Zone. Save $25/month.


  • Check into Facebook Places at participating TELUS stores across Canada for a new account activation and receive an iPhone 3GS for $0 when signing a 3-year term contract.

That deal from TELUS is pretty good if you’re looking for an iPhone 3GS!



  • Anonymous

    So at Telus stores…. You check into Facebook Places on your iPhone and you get a free iPhone upon activation?

    Ummmm ok?

  • Weebsurfer

    BWAHAHAHAHA no need for further comment. Draz wins! Good catch.

  • TonyD

    Doesn’t seem to be showing up for all businesses yet. No option on mine, so I’m guessing they are doing a staged roll out, or just for the big guys for now, which kind of sucks if they are picking on large businesses to start.