Facebook for iPhone Gets New Like/Comment Icons via Mobile Facebook Feed


I’ve noticed a few changes to the Facebook iPhone app lately, and there hasn’t been a recent update to make these changes occur. In particular, when tapping the “+” icon on the home newsfeed, new Like/Comment icons emerged. Also, when tapping on Comment, you would see the ability to ‘Like’ individual comments. Strange, right?

Well, it appears these new changes are because the Facebook iPhone app now fulls the main news feed from, as noted by Inside Facebook. Previously, Facebook unified their mobile versions to make things easier across all devices.

By utilizing this mobile feed for the iPhone app’s main news feed, we will see improvements faster and bug fixes sooner.

Here’s a screenshot–as you can see the new icon just pops up, and looks pretty nice:


Check out the main news feed in the Facebook iPhone app and you’ll get the same results!

[Inside Facebook]


  • Guest

    I believe there was an update a week or so ago that made that happen? It said UI improvements to the news feed.

  • Fragilityg4

    Since the update the app is full of bugs … It freezes and crashes when it didint before … If multiple people log on and off it confuses the UI and it starts putting posts on he wrong names … The news feed shows people that aren’t on your lists and updates no one cares about (like new profile pictures) with no way of hiding it.

    These bugs make it useless and I hope the fix them ASAP or else I’m deleting it.

  • Yeeaaaaaaa

    Downgraded to old version. New one won’t load news feeds. It’s a joke of an app for the stature of facebook

  • Luca

    more updates wayyy more so many problems i can never add a picture it always tells me unable to upload at the moment blah blah…. save and try again later ???? 🙁

  • Luca


  • Alyssa Klob

    If you hold down whatever you posted it will have a button that says delete

  • Alyssa Klob

    Dude so true! My iPod had even shut down and restarted because of it! It’s horrible!