Facebook Places Now Live in Canada


Remember when Facebook made a new addition, called Places? The feature is similar to Foursquare, where you can “check in” to places to inform your friends/followers where you are.

This feature debuted only in the USA first but now it’s live in Canada. Let me know how Places works for you. It’s a great way to update your exact location so your friends can continue to creep and find out where you are!

Thanks to Nick for the email!


  • Max

    Works here in Quebec city

  • Facebook working for me on my iphone 4 but is not bringing up all data and online via a pc, it’s down for maintenance.

  • Easilyamused21

    working in Hamilton!

  • Update: Everything is working like a charm for me now.

  • Mhadd071

    Works perfectly in Ottawa!

  • Igzabier

    you can disable creeping places feature in settings

  • Jreid2375

    Works great in Halifax!

  • Dan T

    Working, though no one on my list has tried it yet

  • Anonymous

    great now ppl can creep me and find out exactly where i am, no thanks facebook i better disable location services for facebook

  • Salaman

    Wait, am I the only one who has had Places enabled since like a week and a half ago? (In Canada obviously)

  • Working In Hamilton too

  • Anonymous

    The only thing anyone needs to disable if you’re worried is friends’ ability to check you in on their Facebook. Places only registers where you are if you check in or if a friend checks in and says you’re there too.

    I used it briefly in the US and liked it. Glad it’s working here now.

  • Anonymous


  • I think it’s really silly for people to be like “ohh, creepy” or “now people can stalk me”. You decide if you want to partake. I will say that I do think that tags should have an approval process, something like an option to always allow or to ask you permission each time if the tag of you is ok. But either way, there are 3 ways to opt out; 1) Turn it off proactively in ur privacy settings. 2) Remove a tag when it happens (just like in pictures). 3) Don’t use Facebook. It’s not like anyone is making you use the feature and you can opt out at anytime so people, relax.

  • I went to the states at the beginning of the month where it worked fine but after coming back to Canada it still worked for like a week until I ran an update or something then I lost it.

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