Facebook to Launch Revamped iPhone App at iPhone 5 Media Event?


Could Facebook be working together with Apple to debut a revamped Facebook application at next week’s reported iPhone 5 media event? According to tips Mashable has received:

Facebook will launch its long-awaited iPad app at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event on Oct. 4, Mashable has learned. In addition to the iPad app, Facebook is also expected to release a revamped version of its iPhone app and may unveil an HTML5-based mobile app marketplace.

The revised iPhone app is expected to be similar to the Facebook app, set to simultaneously launch the same day. Design and speed improvements are the major changes, plus integration with Facebook into iOS (Apple went with Twitter instead). Earlier reports in mid-June revealed a built in Facebook photo-sharing app, as leaked to TechCrunch.

Apple was rumoured to work together with Facebook for integration with Ping, but that relationship rumoured to have fizzled at the last hour. We will find out, as the iPhone 5 media event is set to take place next week on October 4th.


  • Anonymous

    Who cares what Facebook does as long as they fix the notification problem which has been a problem since they started porting from the mobile site!

  • Psauve01

    The facebook app presently available is sooooooooooooo bad.  I have to say that i am extremely desapointed.  I will give them not even 2 stars out of 5.

  • Mohammad Ali

    Gary, Correction “We will find out, as the iPhone 4 media event is set to take place next week on October 4th.”

    I am sure you meant iPhone 5

  • Thx!