Find My iPhone Vulnerability May Be Cause of Celebrity Leaks


You may well have seen the countless celebrity nude photos that flooded the internet the other day. First the reports blamed a supposed iCloud hack, but The Next Web has learned that a vulnerability in the Find My iPhone service may have allowed a brute force attack to gain access to iCloud accounts.

Bruteforce attack

Brute force attacks allow a user to use a script to guess passwords, until the correct one is found. The tool to enable such attacks was uploaded to GitHub where it remained for roughly two days, before Hacker News shared it.

Apple apparently patched the hole today at 3:20 am PT. It is yet unknown how long the vulnerability was exploitable, leaving those with easy passwords exposed, but as always, getting a good password manager and resetting your password always helps.

There is still no evidence that these images are coming from the iCloud account of these celebrities, as the hacker that originally leaked the images claims.

Apple refused to comment on the matter. We will update the post as soon as the company issues a statement regarding this issue.


  • If this is true, this is going to hurt a lot Apple. With all theses celebrities with iPhones, they won’t trust Apple anymore.

  • Jason Reid

    So…..has anyone seen some of these pics?

  • It’s too early to point fingers at Apple, but we’ll wait until the dust settles to lay blame I’d say.

  • Mike Schmidt

    Everyone should enable two factor on their accounts.

  • Agree. It’s definitely an essential move nowadays.

  • Z S

    If it was just a bruteforce attack, Apple’s not completely to blame… it just means the celebs involved had simple passwords.

    But yes, Apple PR definitely has some work to do.

  • Tim M

    yes, I have seen a lot of them. not just pictures, there were also a few videos of Kate Upton posted.

  • Tim M

    two-factor should be the default on these services

  • Jason Reid

    Ah so they do exist! Thanks Tim.

  • Tom

    Maybe don’t take selfie nudes (if it can be avoided?)

  • Chrome262

    but not the easiest to find now, because all the searching just gets you news stories. well if you do a light search, haven’t gone digging really. Prefer to see my celebs nude on film, that way its an added bonus to the movie lol.