First Impressions: 42mm Apple Watch in Space Grey; Milanese Loop Band [VIDEO]


This morning I took the time to visit my local Apple Store here in Edmonton to try on the Apple Watch. Here are my first impressions with the 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey, along with the 42mm Apple Watch Stainless Steel with Milanese Loop band.

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According to our poll from today, the 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey was a very popular model. If this is the one you pre-ordered, here’s a closer look at its finish, which tends to be more on the black side than space grey:

Let me know your thoughts on how you think the 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey looks up-close and personal! What models did you try on today or did you find were real nice looking?

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  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Great video, Kris. One of the more informative first-looks I’ve seen!

    What kind of setup are you using? Audio/Video/Lighting all look excellent!

  • Mic

    Excellent review Kris! I was also fortunate enough to get the April 24th shipping date for the 42mm Stainless Steel with the Milanese loop. Looks great! Can’t wait.

  • Spiridus

    It’s nice to see a positive non-biased review of an Apple product for a change, great review!

  • Asmodath

    Great video. I like Apple products, but that being said, I never buy a first gen Apple anything. Only because they seem to always add way more functionality to gen 2 and up. I know this is true for most companies, jus seems more so with Apple. So I’ll be wearing a Pebble Time Steel for at least the next year. Then we’ll see.

  • Corey Hoffarth

    I just finished my watch fitting. I was surprised about how cheap the sport band looked and felt. But that’s really a personal preference. I wear a heavy watch daily and the sport model felt too light. The link bracelet felt substantial and worth the price. Also was very surprised how small even the 42 looked on my wrist. I should also note I didn’t need my appointment. So not all Apple stores are strict

  • Anon

    First gen = beta.

  • OliChabot

    Agree with you, altough don’t you think the Apple Watch, even at its first gen., still offers more than the Pebble Steel ?

  • Al

    LOL… That wasn’t a review! That was just a bunch of fanboy drooling (and a dash of personal opinion about “fit” and appearance). I have nothing against Meador, but all this is, is a quick glance… which was his intent. So don’t be calling it a “review”

  • YeahRight


  • YeahRight

    Now, now! You are comparing a useless toy made by a team of world class user interface designers with an equally useless toy made by a bunch of amateurs.

  • Adrian

    I have to agree that the Sport felt very light…but def not cheap IMO. You have to compare apples to apples. I think if this watch is marketed for sport, they nailed the weight of it. You can’t compare it to your dressier watches. Don’t know how big your wrists are but I I couldn’t imagine anything bigger than the 42.

  • Corey Hoffarth

    You’re right the sport is the right weight for activity. I wouldn’t want it as a daily wear. I wear a fairly large heavy watch daily and the sport felt like nothing. I don’t think my wrists are big I just think I’m used to a big watch

  • Anon

    You must have really tiny wrists, or are used to small watch faces, because I felt the watch was way too small and dainty looking. It’s something a girl would to have on her wrist, even though my GF also said it was too small. lol

  • stanhope

    The Pebble had it’s place…I bought one and was surprised how often I used it to preview calls and reject them when looking at my phone wasn’t popular. The Apple watch had me sell my Pebble on eBay. It is like comparing Barney Rubble with George Jetson.

  • OliChabot

    I had a Pebble too. Loved it but don’t think it was so useful. I am just saying, so many people are against the Apple Watch yet no one used it and you can do a lot more stuff on it than you can the Pebble Steel which sells for only 100$ bucks less.