First iPhone 6 Unboxing Emerges, Also Highlights New White Packaging [VIDEO]


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Earlier this evening the embargo lifted on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reviews by the press, which on the whole were quite receptive and positive about Apple’s latest iPhones.

Now, London-based T3 has posted the first iPhone 6 unboxing video of their press unit, which also highlights the first time we’ve seen Apple’s new ultra-minimalist-Jony-Ive-influenced iPhone 6 packaging, which now just shows an all-white look across the top with a slightly raised area, as the normal printed image of the iPhone is gone:

As you can see, the phone is very thin and aside from the EarPods, Lightning cable and USB power adapter, not much else is included in the box.

The lack of iPhone image printed on the box is most likely Apple’s ongoing contribution towards its environmental efforts, as the box is even easier to recycle now without any dyes or paints on the front. Think of how much ink Apple has saved by going with a white front iPhone 6 box.

Apple’s iPhone 6 launch takes place this Friday, September 19 in Canada and 8 other countries. Get ready folks, Christmas Day for Apple fans is almost here.

[via MacRumors]


  • Chris Zhu

    Is it Friday yet? 🙂

  • Scott

    2 days to go…btw, what a nice unboxing video

  • Retailer

    horrible video. That’s not unboxing from scratch. I wanna know if there was plastic on the screen or not and if the box had plastic on it too. As a retailer, I would had loved to know these things. Also, I hope the North American version is a FAT!

  • Tim

    Some of the European plug standards are ridiculous in terms of size. The plugs are so big that plugging in an iphone is like connecting a 220v stove to the wall, without much exaggeration.

  • leafstom

    I always wished that the actual phone not be placed so close to the top of the box but placed somewhere in the middle of the box just for cushioning and such (kinda like the ipod nano in a way)

    But they’ve done this for years and nothing bad has ever happened so the beat goes on I guess.

  • spyridus

    I’m like a kid on Xmas eve! I agree with Chris Zhu, is it Friday yet?!!?

  • Aaed

    Only UK ones are ridiculous actually.

  • AEd

    Kinda liked the old packaging with a color photo of the device better, but who cares really. I guess the unboxing leaks we’ve seen a couple months ago were actually real.

  • sukisszoze

    Spoiler I know what’s in the box 🙂

  • tHoj101

    Anyone else find that the space grey Apple products have factory dust on them when newly opened? My retina mini was kinda dirty when I first cracked open the sealed packaging, and so was the 5th gen iPod touch. Both were brand new shipments from the Apple store. What’s up with that?