Free CBC Hockey Night in Canada Live Streams Available on Desktop, Mobile


Don’t have cable? You can still stream live Hockey Night in Canada on both mobile and desktop platforms, the CBC has announced.

The public broadcaster explains “CBC will now live stream Hockey Night in Canada on all digital platforms, with free streaming on desktop and mobile web platforms meaning more Canadians will be able to access the games.”

Two games upcoming this Saturday will be available for streaming:

Also, you can watch these games via the CBC Sports iOS app (and on Android), as it will continue to stream free HNIC games, which it has done so selectively since the 2015-16 season.


  • Corey Beazer

    Nice, wish other broadcasters would take note.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Second that!

  • MleB1

    And when they mean ‘free’, they don’t mean they’re paying for your bandwidth or data usage. That’s on you.
    Meanwhile…hockey? Snoresville. The Ceeb seems to still think Canadians are all living back in the 60s, when there was nothing else to do on a Saturday night.

  • Gotta love the CBC! AirPlay works fine, but I’d really like an Apple TV app from them too.