Galaxy S6 GPU Performance Disappoints vs iPhone 6 Plus in Benchmarks


Samsung fans may be hoping it’s just another April fool’s joke but unfortunately for them, it isn’t, as graphics performance benchmarks of the new Galaxy S6 have turned out to be quite disappointing, especially when compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, according to recent benchmarks.

Even though the company has touted the device’s “Octa Core” Application Processor, 2.6GB of RAM and an extremely high resolution display, the Galaxy S6 falls flat in running GPU intensive apps and games, turning in benchmarks significantly lower than Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and its dual-core A8 chip, according to tests performed by AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger.

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One of the main reasons why almost all new apps and games appear on iOS first, and only arrive on Android after they’ve proven to be successful in App Store, is because companies like Samsung have pushed screen technology ahead of their own processor capabilities, resulting in extremely poor performance in high definition. The latest benchmarks show that Samsung’s new “Exynos 7” powered Galaxy S6 drops down to 15 fps, which is just 78% of the frame-rate of iPhone 6 Plus in the same test.

The first benchmarks showing off the actual performance users will get from the new Galaxy S6 highlight that Samsung appears to still be making poor engineering choices, and that the conventional wisdom about Samsung’s advantages in operating its own chip design and fab are also wrong. 

Looking at the competitive low-level theoretical scores of the GPUs Samsung uses, it appears that the company’s devotion to extremely high resolution numbers is a spec list checkmark and is a primary contributing reason for poor real life scores in rendering 3D OpenGL scenes. In other words, the chips Samsung is choosing to use could theoretically match Apple’s latest iPhones if they were not also driving tons of additional pixels that contribute little to no benefit to users. Think of it as a reasonably powerful engine installed into a monster truck with massive wheels it can barely turn. 

Press reviews of the new Galaxy S6 have been well received, but many reviewers note Samsung’s design team has pretty much copied Apple’s iPhone to get to where it is today, still. Take The Wall Street Journal’s review, and how their technology reporter Joanna Stern elegantly puts it:

One reason I probably like the new Galaxys so much—especially the white models I’ve been testing—is that the design looks like a compilation of the iPhone’s greatest hits.

The screen’s glossy frame, the metal edges and the silver trim surrounding the home button look so very similar to my iPhone 6. Both Samsung phones even measure just 0.27-inch thick—just like the iPhone 6. With the speaker strip and ports on the bottom edge, Samsung doesn’t even try to hide its similarities to Apple’s work.

The back of the phone looks nothing like the iPhone 6. Covered entirely in a reflective piece of durable Gorilla Glass, it’s more similar to, you guessed it, the back of the iPhone 4.

You can read more about Samsung’s questionable Galaxy engineering choices in this extensive article here.


  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Wow. I didn’t know they were already putting octa-core chips in their products, and it’s absolutely crazy to see how inefficient they are, especially in comparison to some far ‘slower’ dual core phones!

  • Tim

    I like raw android, like on a nexus 5 or 6, but the bloatware and horribly skinned OS on Samsung devices is terrible. It’s like buying a windows PC in 2004. Just a tonne of un-needed shit to piss you off every second. If owned a Samsung I’d want to throw it through a f*cking window most of the time.

  • aod

    S6 has no bloatware, despite the rumours suggesting, really you buy everything apple tells you.

  • aod

    You do realise that cpu has nothing to do with GPU performance. Also this is actually apple marketing false information. The screen resolution of S6 is higher than both 6 and 6 plus. At full hd resolution iPhone 6 doesn’t even come near S6.

    Also I love how this article spreads false information about S6 design, while ignoring that iPhone 6 is actually copy of htc m8 and samsung ativ s. Lets not mention that iPhone 5 had headphone jack on bottom after nexus s.

  • aod

    Do check anandtech for the unbiased results. It is clear if the resolution of iPhone 6 and 6 plus comes close to S6, it would be not near where S6 is at the moment. In every category S6 is same or better than iPhone 6.

  • juxt417

    Most google apps could be considered bloatware as well. Idk about you but I turn off all the apps I dont use and never have to deal with them again. I have 18 turned of as we speak. 6 of them google bloatware. They also dont take up more than 50 MB.

  • juxt417

    The exynos blows past the a8 in every category except single threaded, which iOS is optimized for, whereas android is optimized for multiple cores. that also requires completely different benchmarks. This about the graphics chips mostly and apple only bested samsung in a few onscreen tests, where at most the iphone 6 plus is only 17% faster, this deficit only being caused by that beautiful QHD screen on the s6.

  • Anton Zuykov

    you do realize that quad HD display is not what it was marketed is, as well?
    You do realize that the only true qHD resolution on that screen is on the green channel, and red and blue ones are effectively only half of that resolution.

    But you don’t care, right? )

    Second, you don’t need a 577 ppi screen unless your viewing distances are less than 6.8 inches. And if they are, you might as well start saying buy buy to your good eye sight…

  • Anton Zuykov

    had you noticed that those results that are higher, say – OFF SCREEN rendering. That basically means that it was rendered off screen with HD resolution and not qHD resolution.

    What would be the point to brag about qHD screen if:
    1) a consumer can’t distinguish from a nonQHD screen at a normal viewing distance.
    2) S6 only outperforms iP6 if S6 renders in HD mode as opposed to qHD?

  • Joe

    The A9 is made by samsung