Google Home Launches Multi-User Support in Canada, Plus Hands-Free Calling


Google is rolling out multi-user support and hands-free calling for Google Home users in Canada today, with support first for English today, and French “coming soon.”

Multi-user support means Google Home will be able to distinguish voices from multiple users, allowing the smart speaker to share personal schedules and more, with support for up to six people.

Users just need to download the Google Home iOS app to get setup and look for the card that says “multi-user is available”, then link their account. Once this is done you’ll train Assistant to recognize your voice.

With hands-free calling, Canadians can now make calls hands-free over Wi-Fi, but those people you’re calling won’t see your number, but rather show “unknown” or “no caller ID.” Google says caller ID will come at the end of the year and will show your mobile number.

Google Home launched in Canada back in June and is currently available on sale for $149 at Best Buy or $159 from Google.


  • Spiridus

    Great news but I am leaving my region set to USA as the voice set for the Canadian region is way too robotic sounding.

    Looking forward to trying calls on it!

  • Nice! 🙂

  • Widohmaker

    Can you set a number so that it shows up in Caller ID to whomever you place the call?

  • christian

    Tried to make a phone call, didn’t work.
    Any idea?

  • Kelley Krew

    Agreed 100%. Google must think Canadians speak like a 1990 speech synthesizer

  • Spiridus

    I changed it back to Canadian English just to hear it again and it hit me, it sounds like a woman talking with her nose pinched closed.

  • Spiridus

    I tried and tried for an hour to setup a Google Voice number. Even had a VPN going to show that I am in Chicago but in the end, it just would not work.